Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday Morning

Yesterday I did a google search on the trail that most of the half-marathon is on.  I was amazed to find a website with pictures all along the trail.  The above is one of those.  
What on earth would I do if I came across one of these while running?  I really don't know.  And that is a little baby moose!

I am so focused on my upcoming trip and getting ready for it.  It is fun to have such anticipation about something.  I have a LOT of shopping to do this weekend. 

And I have to go to my daughter's "graduation" from rehab.  She gets out next week.  But the ceremony is on Saturday.  I hate that they call it graduation, but I swear to you, I will not say one negative thing.  Really, I won't.  I will just smile and be happy.  And pray that she understands that you never "graduate" from recovery, it is a one-day-at-a-time process and the only way to coast is downhill.

Gots to get ready for work.  Have a great sober day everyone.


Pam said...

Im sorry MC, I really am, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to give you a HUGE dose of reality. OK...listen to can not go running along a trail that allows big ass animals to roam free like this. We do not know how tasty you may look to one of them. Do they sell moose repellent?
No way little taco....I do not want to hear some crazy news story about a runner in a very cute skirt being trampled by a freakin' moose!
OK..maybe you could run with a buddy and if you see a moose, just push them in front and run like hell the other way. That could work.
PS: I'm with you...and I know exactly what you are thinking...graduation must be the scariest day for you this year.
I'd ride a moose if it would keep her sober for you sweet corn relish

Syd said...

I imagine your pace would be picked up if the mama moose showed up. They are huge animals. Liked Pam's comments and would like to see Pam ride a moose. Whee Haw!

Kathy Lynne said...

You know I was thinking about the term graduation too. I was mentioning yesterday that I graduated in my morning group and was given a key. But you are right we never really graduate. But I was thinking maybe your daughter is graduating from nursery school.."this little light of mine, I'm gonna make it shine" and maybe I just graduated from kindergarten..... and we just graduate to different levels, grade school, middle school, high school, college, masters, graduate, certificates, and on and on.

Scott W said...

Just pretend you are Rocky J. Squirrel and Bullwinkle should be fine.

Scott said...

lol Pam... MC, I am so with you on the grad thing, but I agree, positive stuff only :-) I will be praying along with you that she gets it this time...

Zane-nawwaa said...

If you come across a MOOSE on the trail you say "Good Morning Moose" and keep running. By all means keep running. Another way to look at the graduation is that she graduates into life on life's terms. Oh, well. Wishing her a long and sober future.
Run MC Run, badadada
Run Mc Run, Badadada

dAAve said...

Pam and Zane actually share a moose. It has 2 twins mice.

PATRICK said...


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