Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday Afternoon

It has already been a full day, and I have another full day to go. Right now I would like to hide my head under my covers and pretend I am not here. Can't go. Can't drive. Can't answer the phone. I would like to lay on my bed, under the wonderful ceiling fan, and read a book. That's it.

However, that is not my reality. My reality is that I got to go to a 6:30 meeting this morning and then went and ran 6 miles. I had decided during the run that it must have somehow shot up to over 80 degrees in the hour or so that I ran. I was so uncomfortably hot. When I got back to my car, the thermometer in the car said it was 68 degrees. 68º. Thank God my race is in Alaska.

Then I went to find a few more little tidbits (2 shirts) at REI. Gotta have a new wardrobe for each out of town trip I take you see.

I got home and decided to clean my refrigerator! What on earth was I thinking?

My daughter called - we are going up for her graduation tonight. She has a placement in Florida when she leaves next week - all she needs is the airfare. I really really really really really don't want to cough up $500. for that. She said "oh, that's OK, a few hundred dollars is not a big deal to God! He'll find a way!" I can't begin to tell you how weird that is for my daughter to say.

We have to be there an hour earlier than I thought - and the boyfriend is already there, so I get to drive the ex by my self. He is taking the bus to my side of town, so that is a help. With sciatica, driving is torture. 2 weeks ago, I got her boyfriend to drive (my car), but I won't let her ex drive my car, so I am just going to have to deal with driving for 3 hours. Oh shoot.

OK. I am tired and overwhelmed at the moment. I will be better later.

Have a nice Saturday everyone.


♥Shann♥ said...

yes, I can see why... wow lady your life sounds as full as busy as mine! lol I giggle because today I didnt want to go and do, do do, but I have a lot to do, so I got up, thank GOD for coffee... lol
anyway, have a wonderful time tonight, and glad to hear your daughters are doing well!

Dharma Kelleher said...

Sending healing energy your way.

wendy said...

hope the graduation went well tonight and the drive wasn't too painful. Perhaps your daughter will end up in southeast Florida, which is apparently the recovery capital of the US.

Scott W said...

The promises do come true!

Trailboss said...

Oh My, you poor baby. I hope all goes well........UGH

Syd said...

I don't see how you run with sciatica. It runs right down my leg. Hope that you take good care of yourself.