Wednesday, March 25, 2009

12 hour work days

I work in a hospital.  Every three years, we go through our accreditation cycle.  Yesterday morning, two women in sensible shoes and rolling brief cases showed up on our door.  That is when I kick it into gear because this is what my job is all about.  And I love it.  I worked 12 hours yesterday and who knows how many hours I will work today.  I am meeting the physician at the hospital at 6:30 a.m.  so she can observe a procedure.  

I don't love that this freaks most everyone else out.  But I do love that I get to spend time with them and try to reassure them that they do their job well and surely anyone who wants to look closer will only see their shining work!   Or if a shortcoming in their work appears, I can try to reassure that this what happens when you are a human being.   

You know, I still marvel at the fact that I get to be part of this world that I once scorned (and the feeling was mutual).  Whenever I get to have a positive impact on a person or an organization, it is a revelation to me.  

I am so grateful to be sober and that God has bestowed on me so many blessings.

Let's stay sober all 24 hours of today, OK?


Pam said...

I love the fact that you felt the need to mention their shoes!
You shoe freak girl.
Go get em' Mary.

Prayer Girl said...

O.K.- I'm in! 24 hours sober today sounds like the perfect plan. -VBG-

Having worked in nursing homes, I know the panic that can come when those accreditation 'people' appear. I remember everyone "freakin' out". One of my "God shots" happened during just such a time.

Have a great day. I'm sure you will bring a measure of calm in what seems like a storm around you.

God Bless,

Syd said...

I see a lot of physicians in sensible shoes like Danskos. I like feet. I can remember my grandmothers sensible shoes--they looked like something from the civil war era.

I'm sure that you could do the Stilleto Run, MC. It's a brief sprint in spike heels. Seems horrible to me but there are men signed up for it. I like my feminine side but not to that extent.

Scott W said...

Sensible shoes say a lot about someone. Are they Striderite? Or those super ugly fleshtone walking shoes? Sensible shoes used to be a code word for lesbian.

When I was in the corporate world those days of high information exchange were thrilling.

Ed G. said...

To be the calm in the middle of the storm is a great place to be.
God go with you...

Trailboss said...

Well, anyone in sensible shoes can't be all bad. I laughed out loud when I read that. But then I am full of laughter today! My dad always wore sensible shoes when he was praticing. He even had to order them. From a catalog. I think. Yes, that is right.

I see So is talking about lesbians again. He must have already read my post today. **sigh**

dAAve said...

Your impact is significant.