Sunday, March 01, 2009


This morning I got to watch my daughters leave together on a trip to a mountain resort.  Today is their 30th birthday.  They are twins.  

One is an alcoholic and addict.  The other one is the one who has always done everything right.  The "right" daughter has had her fill of the "wrong" daughter in the last few years.  Actually her disgust finally came to the surface on this date 3 years ago, and had never waivered since then.  She decided she was going to go away by herself this year so that her sister had no ability to ruin her birthday.   All week long, I was asking her what she wanted for her birthday and she wouldn't even answer me.  She just wanted to ignore it.

I was going to make a birthday celebration for my "trouble" daughter and leave the other one alone to figure out what she wanted to to.  But yesterday morning, Ms. Right called Ms. Wrong and invited her to get away to this resort where they spent so much of their young life.  They are going swimming in the hot springs pool, getting massages this afternoon, and pedicures tomorrow.  I gave them both little envelopes with money in them to help defray some of the expense.  What happiness is brought about by one person making the attempt to "get over it."  

I made them breakfast this morning and then they were on their way.  And of course, I made cupcakes last night so they would have their very own little portable birthday cakes to take with them (carrot cake with cream cheese frosting).  

When I think about how much I love my daughters, and son, I marvel at the fact that God loves me even more than that - because he is so much more capable.  I think about how much it hurts me when all of my children aren't loving each other and try to apply that principle to the way I treat others, knowing that my heavenly father is even more hurt by our lack of love for one another than a mother could ever be.   It isn't easy to love the unlovable, but I believe that is what we are called to do.  

What better place to do that than in Alcoholics Anonymous!


steveroni said...

One prayer to God has the power to melt the most hardened of hearts. I know this.

Also I L.O.V.E. carrot cake AND especially with cream cheese frosting
Didn't realize there was any other kind--for carrot cake...Ummmmmmm!

Nice family.

Trailboss said...

What a good momma you are. I wish I had a sister, but of course I have So which is the best thing next to a sister. What am I saying? He is the BEST thing that I have in my life. Well, save my kids and husband and my precious Abby.

Carrot cake and cream cheese frosting.....oh my. My favorite by far. I just might have to see about making some today. I'm not much of a baker but I can do it.

dAAve said...

Thanks for posting today. The world is right again.
And happy birthday to your daughters.
btw - I am wathcing Golden Girls right now.

Scott W said...

I am so relieved today that I have no need to debate love or God. I know where I stand with both and that is all I need to know.

What a joyous birthday for you, too, since you gave them life. Time to celebrate yourself, too.

You don't know what I would do for a cupcake today.

Ah, but So, I have been around longer than the rest!

pat said...

Beautiful post. Happy Birthday to your girls.

Prayer Girl said...

This was a beautiful story of love and brought tears to my eyes.

Thank you!

Syd said...

Yummm...carrot cake cupcakes. It's nice when family members get along. I have such a small family now but remember back when things were not so nice. Happy birthday to the daughters and happy spa treatment too.

laura h. said...

mhmm. and those cupcakes... i want one!! haha.

♥ good post.

Pam said...

oh girl I hope they were able to mend some fences.
I've never made cupcakes.
I want to though.