Wednesday, March 04, 2009

It's Early! And it's Light!

And I just heard on the news that the time is going to "spring forward" on Sunday.  Damn!  I am going to have to move back to the dreadful dark days when it is 7 o'clock when the sun peaks over the horizon, and I can't run before I get to work (and get there before 9).  Why did they change that to March?  This is awful!

My sponsee who is installing my new floors is sick as a dog.  She has been in bed since Saturday.  She feels so bad that my house has been left a construction zone.  I don't feel bad at all.  I just hope she gets better soon.  She thanked me yesterday for being so "forgiving" - I told her it was very easy since there is nothing to forgive!  I think we alcoholics find it very difficult to be sick without feeling guilty.  

I was asked to review a book written by a man who drank alcoholically for many years and now is sober for 4 years!   "This book is a vivid account of one man’s tumultuous 25 year round-the-world odyssey, shrouded in the haze of drugs and a sea of alcohol, punctuated by indulgence, abuse, fear, illicit sex, violence, and frequent jail time."  Ummm, I can go to any local AA meeting and hear the stories of indulgence, abuse, illicit sex, violence, etc... from any member sitting there, including the little old lady sitting in the corner knitting (like me).  YAWN.    I would say this guy needs a sponsor and someone to tell him to get over himself and start thinking about others.  If he really wants to share his sobriety, maybe he could go to a detox meeting instead of writing a self-indulgent 500 page book about himself.  

I was asked to review another book about a year ago.  It was a reputable publisher and I was honored to be asked.  I read the book but never wrote the review because it would have said something very similar to what I wrote above.  I just worried about the guy - he was sober less than 5 years and writing a memoir about his sobriety.  I hope he is still sober.  Talk about the kiss of death to sobriety!  

OK, I gotta get to work.  I hope we can all stay sober without writing any memoirs today!


Scott W said...

I was sent that book a year ago, too. I tried to read it but it was so boring I couldn't make it through the first three chapters.

dAAve said...

No matter how often you ask me, I will NOT write a book for you or anyone else.

Syd said...

I do not like the time change either. I wish that we could stick to one time.

I've done enough book reviews in my life so i won't do any on something that I know little about

steveroni said...

The first 500 pages would be difficult for me. (I meant 5!)

Pam said...

do away with clocks.
let's get up when the sun gets up and go to bed when it has fully sets.
Next problem, book guy sounds like "my bottom was lower than your bottom" kind of fella.
Jeez, why don't I run the world????

Scott said...

um.. does it matter that I wrote my first lead out on several 3X5 cards so as not to forget anything?? lol or can we still attribute that to a rookie mistake?

after finding that I didnt follow the cards well, I turned to an outline format 2.5 pgs single spaced... that didnt go well either beacuase again I didnt follow it.

It finally occured to me that maybe I ought to simply pray for guidance and share what's in my heart... lol no more cards or outlines.

sorry to leave a book in your post about books... :-)