Monday, March 30, 2009

Snowing Again.

Do you know that if you hit "return" after entering your title, you publish a post with just the title?  I have done that several times in recent days.  Then I go in and edit - which is what I am doing now.

It is snowing again.  I went to sleep last night with my bedroom window opened just slightly.  I woke in the night and shut it.  I don't care if it is snowing because we need the moisture so desperately.  The damage that was done by the blizzard will not be increased by this inch or so of snow.  

I had planned to go to the 6:30 meeting this morning.  But I didn't wake up until 5:30.  I haven't slept past 4 a.m. for weeks, so sleeping until 5:30 is a bit of heaven.  I am not going to ruin this pleasant experience by rushing around like a nut now.  I may make it to the end of the meeting, and maybe not.  

I am looking forward to going into my office this morning with no big deals going on.  Just a regular  Monday morning.  I don't even think I have any meetings today since it is the 5th Monday of the month.  

It is good to be alive and sober.  I think I will try it for another day... and you?


Pam said...

I have always wanted to go to a 6:30 meeting, but there is none close enough for me to make it to work in time. I start work at 7:00am.
I hope you have an excellent Monday Ms. Butter Bean.

dAAve said...

Stay in the moment and we'll see ya tomorrow.

Trailboss said...

I am not missing the snow and ice we received this winter. You must be so sick of it.

I had my window up a tad last week when it was chilly and raining. It was heaven!

Scott W said...

Normal Mondays are just what the doctor ordered.

Ed G. said...

I'm with you in hoping for snow due to moisture...

steveroni said...

Love early meetings, just got home from two of them.

Soooo, about the "Hairdo"???? The world is waiting to read -grin!

Alive and sober today? Well, I'll go for "sober"...I'll even try "alive".

Syd said...

I woke up late this morning too with some dogs noses in my face. It's a normal Monday here as well. I can deal with normal and usual today.