Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday Morning

Two months ago, I was lounging by a pool in Sunny Arizona... 

Today I am sitting here staring at this computer again.  Wondering what I can write about today.  In the past, I would look at the searches that had brought folks to my blog - to see what people were looking for - and what they found.  

Today, just the usual things that bring people to my blog "why does a person become an alcoholic?" "Can an alcoholic get sober on their own?" "Why are alcoholics angry?" "alcoholic mother," and "dating a man sober 7 years, why him different?"  

What struck me was to look at the search pages and see all the people offering their expert opinion on these things.  I love, love, love the people who become "experts" when they get sober.  

So I guess if you are going to blog, you have a decision to make - are you going to share your experience, strength, and hope?  Or are you going to become an expert on "recovery" and opine about this?  

I choose the sharing option.  I think it is the way we recover.  I think that those who place themselves on pedestals eventually fall.  

Does this mean I never have an opinion?  Heck No!  I have all sorts of opinions about all sorts of things.  I am passionate about the program of Alcoholics Anonymous, and will defend it rather ferociously.  

But at the end of the day, when my head hits the pillow, I am grateful to be sober.  I am clear on the fact that I am sober by the Grace of God and I can show my gratitude by passing it on.  It's just that simple.


Ed G. said...

What, you mean I'm not supposed to share my opinion, sickness and defeat? ;-)

Nice share...

dAAve said...

Works for me.
Besides, you never know when someone is a first-time reader and hasn't seen all your past writings.

steveroni said...

Mary Christine, I am becoming an 'expert' on bare feet...e.g., is there any other kind? Do they always come in pairs? Are they always the same size? What is the favored 'painted' color? Can one tell the difference between a photo of male and female feet? Etc., etc.

If anyone wishes the answers to these and other questions, just send a SASE to: mhkashknsk;as.hyg -grin!

Scott W said...

I would have sworn earlier I left a comment. Well, maybe it drifted off into the ether.

Syd said...

MC, there are those feet again. I like that you share your E, S, and H. And what you say always makes me think.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this blog. I find it real and inspirational. Sober for 8 days, feeling good in a way I haven't for a long time.