Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Sad Day

This afternoon in a meeting, it was announced that half of the hospital was closing. It is a sad thing. It is sad for staff, but tragic for patients. They rationalize that the patients will be able to find other services in the community, but this is simply not true. If there were other services, they would not be in the hospital now. It is so sad to see what can happen to vulnerable people with no voice.

I will be OK. I know that. It might get ugly, but it will be OK. But it is a sad day for so many reasons.

I took a walk tonight after work. It was nice.

Tomorrow I will meet a sponsee at a meeting and then sit and read the big book for a half hour or so - and then go to work. Lots of people are really hurting there. I can focus on being of service to them - or I can focus on my own crap. I know which one will feel better - a lot better. So I think I will endeavor to turn my thoughts to others.


Tall Karen said...

I'm sorry the news was so sad. Great idea to be of service to others...hmmm...sounds like advise I needed to hear.

mitch said...

I love the flowers you put up. It makes me want to go buy some. It's nice what you said about service too. A nice reminder.

dAAve said...

Sad news.
I'm sure things will work out for those patients.
Another example of Step 1 in your life.

Pam said...

Oh girl. I'm sorry - that's rough.

Dear ____
Enclosed is the $80.00 that you were so kind to give me years ago when I needed help.
I'm grateful that I can now give it back to you when you need help as well.

Susan M DeAngelis said...

I'm so sorry about the hospital.

You reminded me how taking a long walk can help me get in touch with my spiritual side.

And how getting outside yourself and helping others can get us through the rougher times in our lives.

You're in my prayers. :)
The flowers made me smile.

Gin said...

That's really awful. I hope that those patients will be able to find the help that they need elsewhere.

I love Pam's suggestions. Wow!

Lou said...

The time is here for everyone to step up and be of service..seems like it used to be that way. I'm not sure when that went out of vogue.

Scott W said...

If everyone had a voice and was able to use it this world would be a different place.

Hope said...

Service to others....I needed to be reminded today. Thank you.

Sorry that the news wasn't great.
I know you will be okay.

Syd said...

I'm sorry to hear the news. There are people who need the services. I'm glad though that you are there and will continue to be. You will be a gem among the rough stones.

Trailboss said...

It is sad news. Happening all over the country. I feel for the ones that will have no where else to go. It kind of puts my problems in prospective.

Ed G. said...

I'm sorry for the sadness in your life and I'm grateful that you will be there to help where you can - it will be good for all for you to be useful.

I'm reminded that I need to participate more in the community where I think these directions and priorities are set outside of AA - it has been an important part of my recovery life (working with shelters, etc.) but has fallen off recently.

My sponsor reminds me often that AA was at it's best when the country was in social/financial upheaval and our members were among those most destitute. I'm already seeing some of that (rising to new heights) in my little AA community...

Blessings, God's comfort, and aloha...

diane d said...

Oh, wow, that is tragic.
I'm glad you're doing the next right thing, though, in wanting to be of service to others.