Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Frosty Gratitude

I love when I put these weather maps on here and they change - so I have this to show how cold it is right now, but if you look at this next summer, it will say 85º or 105º or some other thing that looks crazy with this frigid December post.

I came off a little bit too strong yesterday and ended up regretting it (as I always do), so today perhaps a little grateful list:
  • I took a day of vacation tomorrow so that I will be home for the delivery of my new treadmill
  • I won't need to be out in the frosty cold morning
  • Although I may wish that I weighed less, I currently weigh less than most (or all?) of the finishers of The Biggest Loser (which I watched for the first time tonight)
  • Which means I never need to listen to some woman get in my face and yell at me and make me cry
  • If I ever need to go to the ER at 2 a.m., TMZ will likely not have cameras trained on the gurney entering the hospital
  • My boss smiled at me when I brought him my leave requests for tomorrow and Christmas Eve - I don't know why he gets a kick out of that
  • That although we have closed two hospital units in the last two business days, we do carry on
  • That I found someone to share planning a going away "party" for my assistant whose position was abolished - this is not something I was looking forward to doing - now I don't have to do it alone.
Well, I can see that I would just keep going and going and going, but mainly, I just need to go to bed. I have been up since 4 a.m. and I am tired. I am very extremely grateful for a warm bed on a cold night. And nice bloggers who will leave me comments. Thank you.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
dAAve said...

I refuse to read the comment above here.

Scott said...

life stuff, sober stuff... and a warm bed to lie in and reflect upon it all :-)

good stuff!

Hope said...

Enjoy your vacation day!

Mary Christine said...

You won't have to read it Dave. I removed it, since it was chinese porn. Yikes.

Pam said...

Mary, how in the world did you know it was porn? I saw it early this morning and I just thought it was from a fortune cookie.
I once had a treadmill but it was just too big to put anywhere.
Let me say right now...if a woman gets in my face yelling, I will not be the one crying!!!

Lou said...

I like the grateful MC.

Shannon said...

enjoy your day off! I hope you got some rest and enjoy today, well I am sure you will

Scott W said...

Look how your state has lifted off the ground. Astonishing!

Ed G. said...

I'm visiting in Tuscon this week and it was a frosty 57 degree high here yesterday. Saw a woman in front of heater with a parka on.

I think the weather is a good metaphor for my life in general. If I can learn to enjoy (or at least gratefully tolerate) the weather I'm dealt, I will be much happier.

Blessings and aloha...

Syd said...

I get the Chinese porn too. Really creepy since I always reject the comment.

I like your gratitude list and the idea of a warm and cozy bed. Today is warm and cozy here at 75 F. Too warm and cozy. I'll take some winter weather, thank you.

Kim A. said...

Me too on the Chinese porn thing. What was odd was that the only post of mine that they commented on was entitled "Hope". I find that funny and disconcerting.

Glad you are warm, fit, and a blogger.