Saturday, December 26, 2009


There is a message in Alcoholics Anonymous.

That is the message that I hope my blog is ultimately about.

I write about my daily life. Sometimes that is really boring. Sometimes it is probably annoying. Sometimes it is inspirational. Every now and then I really write a good post. Most of the time I don't. But I write anyway. I think I just do that to show that life is not a soap opera. There is not action and excitement every day. Some days in sobriety not much is happening. And that is good.

I am a person who came to Alcoholics Anonymous in 1984 desperate to quit drinking. I followed a few ridiculously simple directions and the desire to drink vanished. I had a spiritual experience.

I do not want to drink anymore. I haven't wanted to drink for a very long time. I have not had a drink since that day in July 1984 when I got to AA.

I have found a new way of life. It is infinitely superior to my life as an active alcoholic. I am busy, I am active, I have a fulfilling life. I have relationships with people I love. I do not spend time thinking about alcohol.

But I think about being sober every single day. Because it is a wonderful thing. I believe it is a gift from God.

Sometimes I get a little bit cranky about seeing things that I think threaten Alcoholics Anonymous. This probably diminishes my usefulness. But I truly don't believe the answer is love and tolerance of things that threaten our unity. The first tradition is the first tradition. I don't think I am supposed to smile and act serene and superior while I am watching something valuable being trashed. But I can always be wrong.

I just had some time tonight to peruse some internet stuff.

And felt I had to say that I came to Alcoholics Anonymous to quit drinking, and found a program that enabled me to do that. I found a fellowship of others who also quit drinking. Not only did we quit drinking but we found an entirely new and wonderful way of life.

I think I would call that a successful program. It certainly is in my experience.

Does AA work? Yes. It works exceedingly well.


dAAve said...

It works.
It really does.

Mary LA said...

I owe my life to AA. As I believe you do.

Thanks Mary Christine!

Carverlane said...

I think most days you write really good today.

mommaof3 said...

Good morning- Finding this blog and reading the comments from others is such an encouragment to me. I am rather alone when it comes to my recovery....having to be extrememly anonymous....even in my family.

I found this poem and I think you are 'calling back' to many, including me. Thank you!

Syd said...

I wish that more people respected AA as you do MC. One of the large groups around here is about to be kicked out of a church for members disturbing the neighbors with profanity and other disrespectful behavior.

Me said...

" I followed a few ridiculously simple directions and the desire to drink vanished. I had a spiritual experience." pg 27, pg 29. Full Stop.

I would be dead without it. Or worse I would be alive and living with the disease.

God bless you M.

Merry Christmas!

Lou said...

I also get a little cranky when I peruse "some internet stuff."

Ed G. said...

Glad you were here when I found this little corner of the blogosphere this year. Had you not, my experience would not have been as good.

I hope a few of us can stand for an AA that has a purpose and a vision: to share the message as you've articulated it here.

Blessings and aloha...

Scott W said...

It's Sunday afternoon and it's nap time!!!