Sunday, December 06, 2009

Snowy Sunday Morning

It is snowing like crazy outside. I have another action packed day planned. I wish it weren't so, and maybe my wish will come true. What to do when there is so much good stuff going on in your life that you can't cram it all in - but you try? What a problem! To have too much wonderful stuff to do that you can't do it all!

Yesterday I spent a total of 5 hours sitting in AA chairs. It was good. I got to stand at an AA podium for a little while too. I got to eat AA food, drink AA coffee, and thankfully at the end of it all, turn down a piece of AA birthday cake. I hadn't planned on my daughter being at a workshop with me, but someone else invited her, and somehow his invitation had more appeal than my invitation, so there she was! What a treat!

Today I am supposed to meet one of my sponsees and some pals at our 6:30 a.m. meeting and then go to her house for an annual Christmas cookie making event. It should be fun. From there, I am supposed to be driving across town to meet another friend at a church we decided to go to last week when we were there for a funeral.

But a quick glance out the window tells me that I might just be staying indoors all day today because it is really snowing like crazy! And that would be just fine too.


dAAve said...

Sounds like quite an AA snowstorm!

Scott W said...

Such a flurry of activity!

Unscheduled days off are nice in my book!

Ed G. said...

Thanks for all you do.

Here's to going with the flow of the day (or the drift as the case may be...).

Blessings and aloha...

Scott said...

sounds like all the bases are covered no matter what happens! nice!

Syd said...

The snow sounds great. I think that I would stay in and enjoy it too.