Monday, June 20, 2011

Gratitude for Daily Life

Today I go back to my job after a week of vacation. I am grateful for many reasons:
  • I can get ice cold water from a water cooler instead of water from the bathroom sink
  • I can get caught up on my work... I have many projects that need to resume today
  • I really love my job
  • Maybe I can go out for lunch with my daughter who works in the same building
  • Maybe we can book our flights to Maine today (my daughter and I will be running a marathon there in October)
  • Today I will see people I love at work
  • Amazing, I actually love some people at work!
It is pouring rain outside. The kind of rain we seldom get in this arid climate. I was supposed to go swimming this morning, but the thought of running from the car to the gym was so unappealing, I didn't do it. I hope my roses don't get demolished. I have more roses in my garden than ever and you know I love me some roses!

I offered to take a sponsee's cats while she is moving out of her partner's house. I wonder if she will take me up on it. I could be having 2 cats as house guests. I wish they were toilet trained!

Speaking of which, I think the people next door might be deciding to sell their house. The kid is back from detox. I overheard the daughter telling someone on the phone that she is not going to be the one to clean the house by herself - but she will rip up the carpet upstairs because it is saturated with dog and cat urine. She won't clean the basement which is covered in dog feces - the boy's dog. And all I can say about this is - Thank God I don't need to sell my house right now because with that thing next door, I would have a hard time.

I am planning to stay sober today, and as grateful as I can be. I hope you all do too.


AnyEdge said...

Eeek. Cats. It's a kindness to offer to take in two of the worst things alive. I doubt I could do it. If they absolutely needed to be taken care of, I guess I could spring for a kennel.

dAAve said...

Send us some of that rain, please.
You know I LOVE cats, so you can send them down here too.

Good plan. On staying sober.

Syd said...

Glad that you had a good vacation. I am glad not to be going to work today.

Carverlane said...

I just realized you are back blogging! And now I have 20 days to catch up happy to have you back here, MC.

Lou said...

Cats are sublime. Maybe you will decide to get one of your own!

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

great gratitudes!