Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday Morning

It's a beautiful Saturday morning. The first day of my vacation. I am heading off to an AA meeting now and then will go to the first day of my icon class.

Hopefully once I get to my class, I will start to let go of work. I left something very important in the hands of someone else. She will get it done, but she will drive everyone crazy. I guess that is not my problem. Maybe they will have a new appreciation for me and my interpersonal skills when I get back?

I am grateful I have a job where I can decide on Thursday to take the whole next week off. I am grateful I have the opportunity to go to this class. I am grateful I have the ability to write a check for it this morning - even though it probably isn't the most prudent thing I have ever done.

And Happy Birthday Pammie! She is sober 20 years today! She is a beautiful blogger I met here and then met in person and have grown to love. God bless you Pammie!


Pammie said...

Thanks Mary!

Lou said...

I met her too! She is awesome!!

Syd said...

Enjoy your vacation, MC.

ScottF said...

Enjoy MC!!! You've certainly earned a bit of relief :-)

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

:) YAY Pammie, and YAY Mary Christine! Glad youre here sharing the faith and works of AA