Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Yesterday didn't turn out exactly as I had hoped. I had to leave my class at noon to go to a meeting at work. I took two little containers of paint so that I could work on my icon at home last night. When I got home, I set up an area so that I could quietly paint for an hour or two. I put on my Cistercian Monks Chant album, and sat down to paint. I opened the containers of paint, which consists of egg yolks, wine, and pure pigment, and found that the eggs had cooked while sitting in my car all afternoon! So, I did not paint.

I thought I might take my computer to bed and watch a movie. Then the phone rang. It was a sponsee in crisis. While I was talking with her, I got a text from another sponsee in crisis. I was actually texting one while talking to the other! One is someone who tends to crisis, the other isn't. I was texting one of them until 10 a.m., and then when I sent her an e-mail at five, she realized I was awake and started texting again. We are still texting. Bless her heart. It is a hard time for her. She knows she will get through it though because she knows that God is with her.

And somewhere in there was a phone call from someone I had dinner with on Saturday night. He brought his friend from California to dinner so that I could meet him, we met and had the grandest time on Saturday night. He called to let me know that he went to the gym with his friend on Sunday morning, where his friend keeled over and died - on the spot. Oh my Lord. It is so sad, for everyone. He was on his way, driving, from California to New Jersey. So, he will not to get to visit with his brother as he had planned. I am glad he didn't die while on the road or in a hotel room along the way, but with his friend who loved him. I am also glad we all shared a huge strawberry shortcake dessert. Imagine skipping dessert at your last meal!

Today I will gratefully go back to my icon class in a church basement in North Denver. I will shut off my phone at 8 a.m., and turn it back on whenever I get done with the class. I need to be on a communication restriction today. Gratefully.

I see the hand of God in all the tragedy I have been privileged to share in the last 24 hours. I am so grateful He takes care of us even when we are trying our level best to destroy our lives. And I know he will welcome my friend's friend home.


Syd said...

Whew, it sounds like a full day but one of service. We never know when the last meal will come. Best to be prepared.

dAAve said...

I almost got tired just reading this.
I hope today is more to your liking.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

WOW, and Yay God for all the joy you found in that!

Pammie said...

wow! Yes, turn off your phone and RUN down the basement stairs.
How wonderful not to have spent your last night on earth watching TV or sitting in a bar!