Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tuesday Morning

Another photo from my retreat weekend...

The "feds" showed up where I work yesterday. They will be there for 2 more days. This is what I live for at work. They were "expected" for an unannounced visit earlier in the year, and this is why I never took a summer vacation this year. So now they are here, and after 2 more days of intense work and pressure, I will be able to take a vacation. I will probably wait until early November - and maybe I will drive over to the western slope and visit my sponsor.

Most people find the pressure of these things almost unbearable. But I think most alcoholics have had such a lifetime of thriving on self-created crisis and pressure that we can get through these situations - we almost thrive on them. In my first one, my boss asked me how I was doing, and I told him I felt like I was "in the zone" and that I was really having fun! He was happy to hear that.

I better get ready for work and get out of here.

"When pain comes, we are expected to learn from it willingly, and help others to learn. When happiness comes, we accept it as a gift, and thank God for it." -- As Bill Sees It, p. 306


Scott W said...

You sound like a gun moll with that feds speak. That or a bootlegger!

I love it when I can be in the zone.

dAAve said...

Ahhh yes.
The drama of an audit. I know it well. And I agree with you how it tends to bring out the best in me/us.
Really good points.

MICKY said...
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recoveryroad said...

i think you make a pertinent point about alkies and pressure, or living under constant strain...waiting for the wheels to come off.

Lovely picture - what is the yellowy shrub/tree thingy please?

tkdjunkie said...

I SO understand the part about thriving under pressure. I'm like that at work too ... my coworkers all think I'm sadistic or something. Good luck with your project!

Syd said...

I tend to thrive on pressure and can really knock things out when under the gun. But then I can leave it all and just go relax on a boat. Life can span the entire spectrum sometimes.