Friday, January 09, 2009

Friday Morning

I have a cold and feel pretty miserable.  It is now 8 days until my half-marathon.  Am I going out and running this morning?  heck. no.

Scott wrote about affirmations this morning.  I remembered a boyfriend I once had.  I was sober 2 years, he was sober 15 minutes or something.  Every single morning he would sit down and write out affirmations.  I thought they were more like a wish list.  He would write out things he wished were the truth as if they were - and I guess PRESTO! they were supposed to come true. So here is my list of affirmations for today:
  • I am strong and ready for a half-marathon, even though I haven't trained adequately.
  • My cold will vanish into thin air!
  • Even though I frequently express opinions / ideas contrary to those others hold dear, EVERYONE loves me!
  • No one will notice or mind that I come to work late today!
  • I look ravishingly beautiful and young!
  • Age will have no impact on my beauty or fitness.
OK, sorry about that.  Here is the truth, point by point:
  • I AM strong, but not adequately trained for my race.  I will make necessary adjustments like walking part of the race.
  • My cold WILL eventually vanish, but probably not today.
  • More people than I could ever deserve love me.
  • People may notice that I come into late this morning, but they also noticed that the light in my office was the last one (or second to the last one) on last night as they went home.
  • I am NOT going to complain about how I look, because considering the life I have led, it is pretty awesome.
  • I am also not going to complain about my aging, because although I complain about not being ready for a half-marathon, I CAN do it, and for a 57 year old, that is A-OK.
I think this is called an attitude adjustment.  Without the second half though, it would just be a fantasy.  Fantasies might be good for movies or novels, but they will never work as the basis for a good life.


Scott W said...

In early sobriety I had an affirmation on my mirror:

Today I am me
I am freer than free
There is no alive
That is me-er than me.

I loved it because it sounded so Dr Seuss.

Mary Christine said...

I like it!

Mary Christine said...

Actually I have one in my office that says:

I have brains in my head
and feet in my shoes.
I can take myself
where ever I choose!

Pam said...

I think you look fabulous too.
I wanted to date you the first time I saw you, but I'm married.
And such shoe sense!!!
I only have two signs on my desk.

1. The likelihood that you're right is not increased by the intensity of your conviction.

2. It's never crowded along the EXTRA MILE.

Syd said...

Hope that you feel better MC. My sign says: If you can't dazzle them with your brilliance then baffle them with your BS.

Lou said...

My sign at work says:

All employees must wash hands before returning to work.

Kim A. said...

I don't work so I don't have a work sign but if I did it would say--
"Welcome to another day, Kim, shall we dance?--Love, God"

I'm in a weird mood today..can ya tell?


dAAve said...


wendy said...

I have many post-its on my wall by my desk. One of my faves is: "I know you think you're a bad person. We all think that sometimes, but you're not. You just did a bad thing. Don't make the same mistake again, OK.?"

Hope you have a good weekend and can get some rest before the trip to Phoenix.

Judy said...

At one of my Big Books meetings this week a Mr. Smarty Pants showed us how he was reading the BB on his new iPhone. We all attempted not to cop a resentment but most of us were GREEN with envy.

Since I am the last person on the planet to be STILL be using AOL dial-up we finally got a new iMac so we could enter the 21st century...LOVE..LOVE...LOVE it.

steveroni said...

Steve E., the musician said:

By the time you get to Phoenix
You'll be ready...
By the time your plane arrives
You'll run steady.

You'll leave your dress hangin'
On the door.....
Like you've done so many
Times be-fore.......

Put those pretty runnin'shoes
On your feet
Get yourself down there
To the meet

Got to win, not to win
But to finish
So your self esteeem, is
Not diminish'd

Though the line be broke
Mary, finish you will
Hey, do not choke,
It's now down hill!

Perspiration splatter
Run-shoes in tatter
It's mind over matter
No time for chatter.

Gotta finish this thing
I'm hearing bells ring
It's over, it's over
Fall down in the clover.

And stay,
And say.
And pray

My attitude,
A latitude
Of gratitude.