Friday, January 16, 2009

When in doubt...

Write a gratitude list:
  • Whether or not I run a race on Sunday, I am leaving tomorrow for Phoenix, Arizona
  • The weather forecast for Phoenix, Arizona for the next three days is Sunny and in the 70ºs
  • I have plenty of paid sick leave
  • I have friends who care about me and call to see how I am feeling
  • I get to go to an AA meeting this morning and meet a sponsee
  • I have a large soaking bathtub that is heavenly and hot
  • People at work care enough about me to send me home and even offer to drive when I look like I am about to keel over (yesterday)
  • After a nap, I got to go shopping for shoes because sometimes it is the only way to cope
  • A shoe salesman still flirts with me - even with my nose dripping and wearing yoga pants, a long tee shirt and a denim shirt over that
  • Sober life = good life      No Matter What Else Is Going On.


Anonymous said...

I bet the warm weather will be just what the doctor ordered, (besides shoe-shopping of course)!

Syd said...

I hope that the warm weather in Phoenix makes the cold go away. I'll be thinking about you. It's the coldest day of the year thus far here. And that's nothing compared to Denver.

You like shoes!

Scott W said...

I need new black shoes. Mens shoes are so expensive anymore, and most are way ugly.

I bet this trip is just what the doctor ordered.

Pam said...

I want so badly for you to go to Arizona, soak some rays and enjoy yourself. GO HAVE FUN LITTLE CACTUS BLOSSOM.

Mary LA said...

Shoes in Italian leather are the secret of true happiness.

Get better soon.

Trailboss said...

Great post today. I can't relate to the shoes but I sure can to the flirting!

dAAve said...

Did you finally meet Al Bundy?

Cat said...

I want a large soaking tub - with a lock on the door!

have a great weekend!

Kim A. said...

The salesman didn't happen to look like Johnny Depp or Rob Pattinson by chance???


steveroni said...

Guess I'm partial to "No Matter What"
NMW. (At least today.) Thanks!

wendy said...

good luck if you decide to walk/run the half-mary. have a great trip either way and enjoy the sunshine and warm temps.

Lou said...

Bye, bye..