Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday , in a hurry...

  • I'm chairing the 6:30 meeting this morning.
  • One of my dear sponsees is celebrating her 2nd AA birthday.
  • I am giving her a pair of socks I knitted while sitting in AA meetings.  She really admired those socks!  
  • I hope she wasn't just being polite, because I was going to keep those socks for myself.  
  • Yesterday at work they announced that we will have to take three days of furlough between now and June.
  • And five days of furlough next year.
  • And they are considering closing at least one unit.
  • My presentation went well, but that hardly sounds important in light of the serious problems.
  • I stayed late last night to finish the presentation I am giving today.
  • I couldn't get it done because people kept calling and coming by to ask me if I knew what was going on.  
  • Thank God I am good at talking to people when they are freaked out.  
  • I ALWAYS get them to laugh before we are through.
  • My assistant (I HATE it when others talk about "MY assistant") talked to me about her son's suicide attempt.  This on the heels of her daughter's "successful" suicide 2 years ago. 
  • It was a serious day yesterday - I hope that today is less so, but I am ready for it not to be.
No matter what, I am planning on staying sober today and I hope you all are too!


Pam said...

I believe that I will just stay sober (and the beautiful life that entails) with you today...My Mary.

Scott W said...

It's nice to be able to be there for people when they are freaking out. I hope your day goes by fairly uneventfully.

dAAve said...

These are tough times for most people and we will probably all have many serious moments.
I'll stay sober through it if you will.

♥Shann♥ said...

I am so sorry about your assistant, I will be praying for her son and her.

I too hope today is lighter and brighter

have a good day

Syd said...

The budget crisis is affecting so much. I think that it will be a real test of our serenity over the next year.

I went to a great open AA meeting last night here in FL. Glad that I went.

Cat said...

Mary thanks for sharing and here is to wishing you a better today.

GratefulOne said...

Good thoughts are going out to you, your sponsee and your assistant and her son. Peace and light.


SerenitySeeker said...

I think that I will stay sober today also. My place of employment has not been affected by the economy yet. I'm trusting that should it happen I can get through it with the grace you appear to be displaying. Thanks for continuing to blog... your words have been a breath of fresh for my recovery program!

steveroni said...

It took many years for me to be convinced that those who "talk" suicide, or have suicidal thoughts, in all likelihood, really mean it.

By the time a sixth friend of mine "did it", it was too late to say, "I'm sorry" to so many affected, and infected souls.

There is no treatment for successful suicide. What a waste.

Kim A. said...

I'm so greatful for my son's unsuccessful suicide attempts. The kid is coming for a "visit" after being out there and at a bottom. I'm so glad your assistant had someone to talk. I still have a hard time talking about it..