Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's late January

It's Thursday.
Januarys are hard where I work.
I have lots of quarterly reports to write and present.
I present several this afternoon.

I am extremely tired.
Races take a lot out of a person, no matter how great of an experience it is.
Usually by Wednesday or Thursday after a Sunday race, I am suffering from some transient depression.

Yesterday was one of my friend's birthday.
Today we are having a lunch.
I am bringing fig and goat cheese pizza which I will bake this morning.

I am feeling really grumpy about blogging.
I am grumpy about other things as well.


Scott W said...

You have the power to be any of the 12 dwarfs you want to be.

Lou said...

I was extra grumpy today about blogging..and then, I got a comment, and now I'm OK for awhile. You know how that happens, don't 'ya MC!

Pam said...

It amazes me that I have made it thru my life without ever hearing of fig and goat cheese pizza. I think I would love it.

dAAve said...

Scott's comment reminded me of a little people joke I know.
Never mind.

Trailboss said...

Good morning Grumpy.

Syd said...

I think that you might have to share that recipe since I've shared the chili one.

Maybe the figs and goats will make you smile and you'll not be grumpy.

Hope that you have a great lunch.

steveroni said...

To: GBMC (That's Grumpy Blogger MC!)

Mary, even your "Grumpy" remarks have a lesson for many of us--if you look at my blog, you'll find what our lesson is.

Cat said...

Congrats on the race - that pizza sounds yummy!

Kim A. said...

I'm so grateful for these blogs. :-)


♥Shann♥ said...

January is tough here too? I miss the sun, I miss the long days I miss wanting to be outside because its pleasanter. lol I stare out my office window into the haze of freezing fog... NO JOKE that is what is outside my office window.. again today.
I hope you have an enjoyable day! I appreciate you!

Pam said...

award for you on my blog