Thursday, April 22, 2010

1700th Post

That's a lot of sitting down and writing posts. Oh well. I have truly sat down and written that many posts and most of them I have truly enjoyed writing.

Today my "crew chief" for the census bureau called just to clarify some last minute things. One of the last minute things was that they expect me to work 40 hours a week. Yeah, after I clarified with the person who hired me a month ago that I could only work 20 hours a week tops. Max. I told this guy how deeply disappointed I am. How much labor I have put into planning to take a week off of my job. He said it was not negotiable - it is 40 hours a week for 6 to 8 weeks or nothing. I told him I already have a full time job and there is no way I can work another 40 hours a week. I gave him the name of the person who told me I had a job at 20 hours a week. Tomorrow I will call the first person. This is really annoying.

Governing Body is next week at work. The report I give there is a major feature of my job. I have spent weeks getting my report ready and coaching others to give it for me. I can't believe I didn't really need to do that.

I decided that I will take next week off of work regardless. I desperately need some time off. I may need time off just to take time off much more than I need time off to work a second job - with people it appears I would not enjoy working with much.

(Just to clarify for those of you who may not have been following this... I was hired to work for the census bureau - part time, temporary. 20 hours a week, nights and weekends. But I had to complete a 40 hour week of training first, and that is scheduled for next week. So, I scheduled a week of vacation from my regular job so that I could attend the training.)

When I got home from work, I looked at all of the things I could do at my house for a week. The first thing that appeals to me is
1. take naps - lots of them
2. pull those stinky old weeds
3. prune trees
4. finish some writing that needs to be done for something that I have been putting off
5. maybe get in my new car and take an over night trip?
6. chill out.
7. chill out some more.
8. go to lots of AA meetings.
9. maybe paint my bedroom (green) if skilled sponsee is in town - she said she would help me.

I would really like that. Maybe I really hope I don't find someone to be reasonable at the census bureau - and I think the odds are good that I won't. I could use a week off with no where to go and nothing in particular to do.

Life is good regardless of circumstances. Life is just very very good.


Peggy G said...

Lots of good things on that list. Hope you can take time for you.

Mike Golch said...

good posting and 1700 ones to boot!

Syd said...

Congrats on all those posts. It's amazing how we string the days together and see what has occurred. It sounds like this unplanned vacation may be a good thing.

Carverlane said...

I have lots of t-shirts that say "Life Is Good". And "Life Is Good" stickers on my AA literature. Because my life truly IS good. It wasn't before I got into AA.

Have a wonderful week off!

Kim from sAn Antonio

Ed G. said...

I can't ever imagine 1,700 of anything - especially writing articles. I'm proud to be in your acquaintance. You inspire me and give me hope.

I'm sorry for your disappointment but you're not the only one who only thought they would be doing census work - my sister-in-law had a very similar situation to yours in another state.

I hope you have a wonderful week - however it turns out.

Blessings and aloha...

Her Big Sad said...

That is indeed a lot of posts! And I for one am very greatful that you posted them! :)