Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Night

This is a photo from inside my guest bedroom - aka my daughter's bedroom. I thought the tulips looked pretty from inside here. Tonight they are covered with snow. Snow.

It snowed all day today. It is quite cold. I am utterly exhausted.

I went to a meeting tonight thinking that one of my dear friends was celebrating his birthday... it is next week. I was very disappointed. Say what you will about what that says about me, I was disappointed.

I need to be up at 4 a.m. to meet my fast walking group. Which means I need to go to bed STAT.

I hope to get some good photos on my adventure tomorrow. I am getting tired of tulips... well, not really, but I am afraid you all might be.

And now I will do what I have been doing since they told me to do it when I got to AA...

Thank Him at night. (and ask Him in the morning) For another day of sobriety, that is.

Thank You.


Hope said...

Tulips are such hopeful flowers I never get tired of them because their season is so short.

I hope you have a restful sleep.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I love your tulips.


Syd said...

Snow! It actually used to happen in April when I was a kid in Virginia. My dad would say that some of the worst storms would occur then. I like your tulips.

shadowlands said...

"I am getting tired of tulips... well, not really, but I am afraid you all might be."

The day I get tired of tulips, or at least the thought of getting one, just one to bloom.....well, I really don't want to think of that day. Now here is some good 'ole advice, from me, an alkie desperately withdrawing, again "The people who mind don't matter, the people who....." I can't remember the other bit yet, but you were allowed to go on and on about tulips, in fact about almost anything.

I love stopping by here Mary, truly. I need to.

Mary LA said...

Sleep well and thanks for being here Mary Christine.

Ed G. said...

Snow. Wow. I guess I know some of why I'm not there this week.

Blessings and aloha...