Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Busy Day

It was kind of a hard day at work. I don't want to go into details, but it was hard. People were upset and crying. I am glad I can be a listener and hopefully a helper to my colleagues. When I was drinking, it was always about me, I never could have listened to others and tried to be of help to them. I am grateful that I can do these things today.

I didn't even have time to write anything this morning. I had a nice run and got dressed quickly and got to work.

Can I ask a question? I am thinking of changing the name of my blog. The "Anonymous Alcoholic" may be a little too close for comfort to sounding exactly like "Alcoholics Anonymous". It gives me the creeps how many people arrive at my blog through searches that are obviously driven by a need for help. Then they get to my blog and I may have pictures of my flowers, or my bandannas, or it may be half nAAked Thursday, etc. I almost removed the blog after the first entry I put on it. I had the creeps then about seeming to be posing as THE anonymous alcoholic, like I am the paragon of sobriety. As anyone who has read this for a while knows, I am just a person with many flaws - but I happen to be a member of AA, and sober, by the Grace of God, since July 24, 1984. Any thoughts?



How about "I See You"

Santa said...

I personally think you should just leave the name of your blog the way it is. It is all about planting seeds and people seeing that we can live Happy Joyous and Free. Your disclaimer is at the top of your blog. Like me you are just a sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous. To top it off you have a link to the Big Book on-line. Keep it up. If it works don't fix it. FAEA

Mary Christine said...

Thanks Santa. I can't think of anyone whose endorsement would mean more to me. I will stop worrying about it.

psychbaby said...

I can relate, but in a slightly different way...

I was going to put "google ads" on my blog (although I doubt I'd be able to quit my job from the revenue!), but they were mostly links for Drug sites (because of the content of my site I s'pose)! And I'm not talkin' about recovery sites! Holy sheet, I removed those suckers immediately.

But I imagine it was kind of the same feeling -- that I was somehow misguiding people by doing that.

But at the same time, I don't think you keeping that name is misguiding. If anything, it's showing people that are looking for help, that addicts can lead "normal" lives too (besides, they can look at all of your links to find good places to go to).

Although I admit looking for "recovery" blogs myself and not really wanting to read about flowers etc. I wanted to read about someone going thru the same thing that I'm going thru, ya know? Even though we're at different stages of our recovery, there's that "family of addicts" kind o' thing.

Ultimately (and sorry for the long comment here), just do whatever you think is the right thing for YOU to do.

Anonymous said...

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