Monday, February 20, 2006

Presidents' Day

Happy Presidents' Day everyone. Today is like this: I slept until 7:00 a.m. - really really late for me. I took a nice 2 mile run. I am home from my run. I need to get out and about and purchase a few things that will make my sponsor and her husband's stay here on Friday night nicer.

My daughter says she wants to come over today, but she told me that yesterday. She went home and slept all day instead. I am glad she was home anyway.

My son is packing up all his belongings to put into storage for his upcoming deployment. First to Texas for 6 months, and then to Iraq.

To escape, I went to see "Brokeback Mountain" yesterday. I didn't expect to like it much, but I was surprised by how much I disliked it. I just thought it was so sad. Missed opportunities, broken hearts, and dishonesty.

I am not in the best place. I am so sad that my sponsor is leaving. I am so sad that my daughter is being so awful. I am fighting fear about my son leaving.

Being somewhat practiced in living by the principles of AA, one day at a time, not picking up a drink... I know what to do. What I will do is pick up the phone and call someone who is really struggling. I am not really struggling... I am just facing life on life's terms, which isn't always pleasant. But there are those out there who are really struggling with their inner demons. Thank God that is not me today.


Alexis said...

WOW! Thank you for such honesty! I'll pray for your daughter and your son will love Texas : ) and you sound like you're doing all the right things! Have a great week!

AAwoken said...

All will be as it should.

Plan B: Serenity Prayer

Sam said...

Brokeback is a definitely a sad movie...

You're on my mind.

Sober Chick said...


I love how you can see the sun through the clouds:

"But there are those out there who are really struggling with their inner demons. Thank God that is not me today."

Thank You ;)

dAAve said...

A good honest post and truly some things to be sad about.

And I didn't particularly care for the movie either, although the scenery was great.

Scott W said...

Your life seems to be a great example of how the program works. We take care of ourselves and insist on helping others. We can pray that the war will be over in six months and keep your son safe. Thanks for sharing with us.

psychbaby said...

(((Mary Christine)))

Thanks for sharing, and for giving me inspiration!

I'll be thinking of you.