Wednesday, February 22, 2006


There is an Icon Wrriting class in March that I want to attend. It is six full days. They don't call it painting, because it is not supposed to be a creative process... more of a transcribing process. You learn to make egg tempera and pigment, and gold leaf and it sounds so so so cool. But it is very expensive. I could do it, but it really would be my vacation. No trip to Puerto Rico. I could probably take a vacation somewhere "domestic" later in the summer, but the big trip would be off.

My sponsor says "do it," my sponsee says "do it," but it seems strange to me to take a week long, very expensive class, instead of going on a tropical vacation. Not that I can really schedule the tropical vacation because that thing at work still hasn't happened.

It is too freaking cold outside to run this morning. Maybe I will go to the pool at lunch time and swim laps. Yeah, that's it. That's what I'll do. Now what about the Icon Wrriting class? (I have deliberately misspelled the term because I don't want my blog to come up when someone is doing a search on this topic.)


dAAve said...

Check to see if Puerto Rico has that wrriting class. Now, that WOULD be a God thang.

psychbaby said...

Ahhh, see? Our eyes read things as we *expect* them to be... I wouldn't have even noticed that if you hadn't mentioned it (the misspelling thing)

(ha! DAAve)

Alexis said...

Ok, I was always told - if one person says you have feathers, one person says you have a bill and webbed feet, another says you are yellow, you MIGHT be a duck! So if all those people SO close to you in your life are saying go take the class, you MIGHT want to go! Why not?

Shannon said...

I would go to sunny hot tropical puerto rico... but thats me... do what makes you happy... or I like Daaves idea... :)

hope youir swim was good

DayByDay4-2Day said...

Which will be more rewarding for you? Which will give you memories that you want to hold onto? People can give you the okay, but you have to make the final dession. Just make sure it is the one that is really your own.


Sounds interesting. I would love a vacation but that won't be happening anytime soon for me. ;(
I see you,