Tuesday, February 21, 2006


This is how my tulips look now. I admire them for springing up through the ground when it has been below zero.

This is how they looked last year. I am anxious for spring to come. This has been a long winter.


dAAve said...

I used to live in Holland and the fields of tulips cover a WHOLE lot of space. It's gorgeous.

Shannon said...

beautiful... I admire them too look at all the rock they have to go through I have daffodiles... (I can spell) but they have to go through my red rock every year... perserverence

Mary Christine said...

I would love to see Holland. I used to live in Skagit Valley Washington where there are many many tulips, it is pretty, pretty.

Rex said...

Spring....I can't wait. My tulips are peeking up too....sure sign that spring really is coming soon. Have a good one...Rex


Something to look forward to. Pretty.
I see you,

Shannon said...

yes its beautiful!!! they have a tulip festival... very beautiful