Saturday, February 04, 2006

Saddy Mornin'

I slept late today, which I consider a minor miracle. A nice thing. It is 8:15 a.m., and I am sitting here in my jammies. Drinking coffee. Reading blogs, writing mine. Considering my plans for the day. Have already asked God to direct my thinking, asking that it be divorced from self-pity, dishonest or self-seeking motives.

Yesterday I went on a bit of a shopping spree. It is hard for me to do this. I have a bit of difficulty with money. Right now I am fine, but I need to be careful not to drift back into debt.

So, I bought the above dress. I tried it on last week and it looks really fabulous. Well, then I realized that I have no shoes that would look nice with that and I went out to purchase a pair of "Keen" Mary Janes. But when I tried on the Mary Janes, I thought they looked a little wacky on a 54 year old woman. So I purchased a pair of Dansko clogs. Which will look a little wacky with a little dress, but I wanted the Danskos. Because I have plantar fasciitis and they are supposed to really help with that. And while I was at REI, I purchased a travel and fitness towel... and a bandanna....

OK I will stop now. No one reads my blog over the weekend, so I guess it is safe to just do this rambly, rambly stuff.


dAAve said...

I don't read blogs on the weekend.
I also don't see a picture of the Danskos, the towel OR the bandana.
Get with the program, dear.

I am having a problem this morning in publishing successfuly. My post has been published a number of times, but it disappears time after time. Strange.

Mary Christine said...

Oh Dear. Looks like permission to publish photos of EVERYTHING! Yay! I will do that today!

I hope you get back up and running today Daave.


1.) Rambling is a good thing. I do it all the time.
2.) I read just about everyone's blog on the weekends. Daily actually.
3.) When I lose 20 lbs. I want that dress.
4.) I have the same double breasted business suit in 8 different colors.
5.) I play it
I see you,

AAwoken said...

Photos. Photos. Photos.
I'll show you my clogs if you show me yours.

Mary Christine said...

Okay! I WILL really post pictures of the clogs and bandannas. I was so stressed out over the weekend, I ironed all my bandannas. Yikes. I can't find my pink one or lavender one.