Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I just checked my site meter and thought it was very ironic that someone found my blog by searching for "misspelled word". Last week I deliberately misspelled a word so that my blog would NOT come up for the term I was typing. Someone also got to my blog today by searching "Australian Lingo homegroup." Wow.

I went after work tonight and signed up for the class I am going to deliberately misspell again... the Icon Wrriting Class. I may not be able to get into it, there are only 20 spots. But I brought my check for the payment in full in hopes that I can get in. I am so excited about this. I want to make paintings of Saints with golden halos (how do you pluralize halo?)

Tomorrow is the birthday of my twin daughters. I am in the process of baking a chocolate cake for that event. I will make pizza tomorrow after work. This is what they asked for.

I am thrilled that my daughters are even in my life today. At one point, I not only lost custody of them, but there was a time when there was a restraining order prohibiting me from even seeing or contacting my children at all.

Life is very very different today. Thank you God and the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous (that means YOU!)


Rex said...

So happy for you. Life is so much better this way. Have a great dinner with your kids.

dAAve said...

Happy birthday to them
Happy birthday to them
Happy birthday to the twinsssss
Happy birthday to them.

Pizza & Chocolate cake.

Alexis said...

what a wonderful miracle! thank you for sharing your honesty and hope!

Shannon said...

hmmm how can I tell who finds me by a search I wonder, I am very easily amused and would love to know HA! :)

AAwoken said...


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