Saturday, January 30, 2010

Full Moon and Empty Garage

Almost anything sounds poetic in conjunction with "full moon," doesn't it?

Today I went to a meeting and to breakfast with a friend who was celebrating 12 years of sobriety. He is a wonderful young man who gives me hope in the future of Alcoholics Anonymous. He is serious about the program, about service, about steps, about helping others, about being humble, and he has been infinitely helpful to my daughter over the last year. Oh yes, I do love this man in a very special motherly way- even though he is only 10 years younger than I am.

When I got home from breakfast, the driver's side door of my car refused to shut. I looked at it and looked at it again. I tried to shut it and tried to shut it again, and it just bounced back open. I went next door to my neighbor who is an amateur mechanic... she assured me that it was nothing and invited me in to tell her about my trip. We spent about a half hour... then we came over to look at my car door - and she couldn't get it to close either.

I called the stinking Volkswagen dealer and they suggested I have the car towed. Well, I didn't want to pay for TWO tows in one week for a 5 year old car with 60,000 miles on it... so I rolled down the front and rear windows and bungee corded the door shut and drove it to the dealership - and felt quite elegant all the way. I thought it was an especially nice touch that I had to listen to a howling warning that my door was open the entire way.

I have lost my sense of humor where my car is concerned. That car has to go and go very soon. I wonder how much that car is going to cost me per day. They are keeping it over the weekend because they have to take the door apart, bla bla bla..... $$$$$.... bla bla bla..... $$$$$

I walked to church tonight. That was more of an adventure than I would have thought, but it was nice still.

Tomorrow I have a date with a m.a.n. to go to a movie. It will be good for me to escape from my phone and my family and my car and my books and my life for a little while. And go to the planet of Nava? Is that what that is - Avatar? (I bet I don't like this movie either.)

Tomorrow is another day and I will endeavor to enjoy it to the best of my ability. A nice man who looks a lot like Brett Favre is taking me to a movie. We will have fun.

I am grateful for the sober experience of living this way for some years... I know that no matter how I feel right now, it will be fine. The world will not end over a few stupid car repairs. But a string of me purchasing 7 new VWs (and 2 Audis) is OVER. Over. Finished.


dAAve said...

I have a really nice Cadillac you might like. No, wait a minute. I like it too. Never mind.

Lou said...

Buy a Detroit made automobile. Uh, that narrows it down to..Ford. Really, there aren't many plants here anymore, and we are a Ford family. All my relatives (even me indirectly) get our paychecks from FoMoCo. We have gotten a bad rap lately, but the quality has greatly improved.

Details on the date in tonight's post please!

Scott W said...

Date? What's that?

Mary Christine said...

I'm not real sure Scott. I'll find out today - maybe.

Kim A. said...

We saw Avatar at the IMAX. I will be waiting to hear your review. Bungee cords can also hold up a muffler or a hood that won't close. I know these things. Goodbye, VW...hello ::insert brand other than VW::


Ed G. said...

OK - so the really bad news is that cars all have problems. We have a Toyota and love it but, well, we also read the news. I hope you can improve your car situation soon - nothing much worse than owning a car that you feel like you can't trust for getting you from here to there.

I hope you have a wonderful time on your adventure to Pandora.

Blessings and aloha...

Pam said...

I wish I would have been there to check the little spring thing in the door, because usually it's that thing that needs to spring back and I know how to do it.
I wish I could have sat behind you in the movies, because I would have threw a piece of popcorn at your head and checked the guy out.

Syd said...

Sorry about the car. The date sounds good. I hope that you enjoy the movie. I've heard that Avatar is good.