Thursday, January 07, 2010

Here I am for another day

This little Santa potato head was my gift at that party I was griping about - with the gag gift - right before Christmas. Well, it was a "white elephant" gift exchange - which I have never ever done before. So I didn't understand it. I brought an ugly ass etched glass frame, complete with 80's bride pictures that came with the frame, that my daughter gave me for some mother's day or Christmas or birthday - back when she was using and I knew she had stolen it or gotten it dumpster diving. I hated to see it every time I ran across it in my closet. So, since they told me to bring something from home that I didn't want anymore, I knew that frame definitely qualified. ( I asked her and indeed, she got it dumpster diving.) When I got this little Santa, I was so happy, I held him to my bosom with the deepest love. I didn't know that someone else could take him away from me. And one of my co-workers did. But today she let me "babysit" him. Sometimes on the most dismal days it is the smallest things that bring the greatest joy.

I had my interview today. I walked into a conference room and they told me to sit at the head of the table, and then 9 (nine) people filed in and sat down and started barking questions at me. I used one of my favorite weapons in my arsenal when in such a stressful situation.... humor. I don't care if it was appropriate or not - I didn't know what else to do. And I don't think I want the job. And certainly they might not want me. When they asked me how my supervisor would describe me and I said "a nightmare" that might not have been the answer they were really looking for. They laughed, but I am sure they were not looking for a comedy routine. Oh well.

I won't go into the rest of the day at work because it was awful, which has become the new normal.

When I got home I got to go to a meeting of the HOA which I have been talked into becoming a member of again. I signed up in 2007 and hated it and stuck out my two year term, counting down the months until I could quit. I was gone 4 months - and when the president of the board called me last month and asked me to come back, I agreed. He is such a nice man and I kind of missed knowing all the ins and outs of the neighborhood and having the ability to impact what is going on. We shall see how long I will last this time.

And now my bed is calling me and asking me to come back for the evening. I am so tired. Tomorrow is Friday. This is the first five day week I have worked in a very long time and it feels kind of like a big deal.

I am grateful to be sober to experience all these things today. I get to do these things sober. I get to do these things without going "mental" because I learned this in AA. Because AA works.

And it works very well.


Lou said...

I'm wondering what sort of politically correct HR terms they used to describe you after the interview.

Syd said...

It is a Mr. Potato Head Santa. That is really cute.

I love the description of yourself that you gave--Nightmare. That is so good. I would have smiled in an interview if you had told me that. But then I always like those who are honest. Good for you MC.

Pam said...

Oh darlin', well at least you did not hold the potato head and have him talk for you in a funny potato voice.
I'll bet they loved you and now you'll be stuck with what to do when they offer you the job with a huge salary.

dAAve said...

That potato head is great. Can't find that kind of stuff in a dumpster.
I won't be surprised when you tell us you got a job offer from those people. If you had taken that little Santa with you ...

Scott W said...

Different. That is what I bet they said. It's what my mom used to say about something she didn't particularly care for but wanted to be nice.

Willa said...

It's relieving to read here that sometimes you aren't always a saint, Mary. And I mean that respectfully! (In regards to your interview style in this particular case.)

Just because I got sober doesn't mean I want to willingly do everything!

Thank you for this!

The Second Road said...

I handle myself the same way. I probably would have given the exact answer.

More will be revealed.

Take care.

Hope said...

Your new normal sucks.

I love that you used humour to get through the interview. Nine people is a lot to face.

I hope you have a great weekend Mary.

garden-variety drunk said...

i LOVE that mr. potato head.

my favorite thing about the potato heads (there's a mrs. potato head too) is that their backs open up to store all of their parts. some days i wish i could do that too

Anonymous said...

What an interesting body of voluminous "sober" chats. I would add this as I approach my 24th year of sobriety in April, 2010. I am still very much in touch with the men I sponsored some 20 years ago. Even though I am in Hawaii and most of that group are in California, Oregon, and points east. The point I would make, however, is that it was I who told these men to call me every day during their early years. We did all sorts of sober things together--retreats, campouts, Bible studies, conferences, seminars, Big Book Seminars, retreats, and movies. In other words, the idea of keeping in touch came from the common agreement in early sobriety to stick with the winners, go where they go, do what they do, and hopefully get what they got. Plenty have fallen by the way. And there are many reasons, but once they leave the fellowship of believers, they have little to glue them to the fellowship of A.A. and their duty to give as well as receive. Have a great 2010. At age 84, I know that I will; and I will still stay in touch with hundreds of AAs all over the world. God Bless, Dick B.

Mary Christine said...

I love the way Dick B. boasts about his approaching 24 years of sobriety here - apparently I am supposed to be impressed. I guess he doesn't really read my blog or my interesting body of voluminous "sober" chats.