Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Wednesday Night

Are there more geese around than there used to be? There seem to be. So many hungry people, and so many geese. hmmmm.....

I have a job interview tomorrow. Tonight I am whitening my teeth, doing my own manicure and facial, trying on suits, etc. I don't even want this job... I don't want to leave my current job. I applied for this one in the midst of the insecurities of the lay-offs - when I didn't know if I would have a job, so it seemed like a good idea at the time. Then there was a test involved because this job is heavily reliant on statistics. There were 5 questions. I could not answer 2 because I did not know how to do one function in SPSS. I explained that, but figured that out of 9 applicants, I would not make the top 3 - not answering 40% of the test! Imagine my shock when I was informed that I made the top 3. So, now I have an interview. And I want to just show up dressed like a slob, but I won't. (the last job I interviewed for, I was offered but decided I didn't want.)

Do you want to know something? I haven't worn high heels since September 30. On that day, I had a pair of particularly high ones on. High spiky sandals. I got out of my car in the morning and was greeted by such pain and limped so painfully that someone came along and helped me into the building. When I got into my office I put on a pair of running shoes I keep in my office. I have been afraid of wearing heels since then. I even bought a new pair of boots and they have little flat heels - and they are super cute.

And since it is snowing and arcticly (leave me alone blogger - it is a word if I say it is!) cold, I am going to wear my new boots with one of my suits which I will decide on tomorrow morning. Well, if I decide to wear my brown suit, I will not wear my black boots. But If I decide on any of my black suits, I will wear them, or one of my two green suits.

This is my way of avoiding talking about what is what is really on my mind. My sponsor is very ill. I have to trust God that no matter what happens we will all be OK. But I have a way I would prefer this to turn out. I can be grateful that I have this wonderful woman in my life who I love so much. And I know loves me right back.

I thought about her a great deal today. And thought about how I would call her one of the most loving people I know. 90% of the people who know her wouldn't agree with me. She is not democratically loving. She isn't a big tolerator. She is a big truth-teller, which doesn't make her particularly popular. We have that in common. She is not easy. But you know when she tells you she loves you she means it. You know when she tells you that you are wonderful, that is the truth. She is not saying things for any particular agenda. She is telling you the truth. These are the kinds of people I would prefer to surround myself with. There aren't many. She has been hard, but I would rather have someone hard who expects a lot from me. I don't want someone who wants to sell me short.

I better shut up and go to bed. After I lube up my hands and place them into gloves for the night.

I think I will stay sober for the rest of today - and likely tomorrow too. I hope you will too. AA works. It really does.


Syd said...

SPSS--that is what I work on for data analysis most of the time. That and SAS and some S+ are the stats programs that I use for analyzing data from my projects.

Good luck with the job interview. It's nice to have options, especially in this job climate.

Most people don't want the truth which is a puzzling thing. I would rather hear the straight stuff than be told some warm and fuzzy BS.

Are you lubing up because of the cold? I almost had a dirty thought but because of you MC, I let it go.

Pam said...

I say, trust your instincts about your feet.
Shine at the interview and see what happens.
I'm sorry for the pain you're feeling about your sponsor.

Lou said...

There is a huge Canadian geese problem in Michigan. There are way too many.They defecate everywhere. They breed like crazy, they have no predators you are not imaging it. An idea was had to use them to feed homeless people, but apparently they taste awful.

Prayers for your sponsor, I hope she is not in pain.

dAAve said...

I will not eat a goose.

I can see you dressing slobbishly (that is not a word either, I don't believe) to a job interview. That will invite an offer, surely.

You wear gloves to bed?

Ed G. said...

It seems like we're in a similar path. Yesterday I had a phone interview for a job that, if it were offered me (not likely) it would feel like a failure in my life but I would feel I have to take it. Funny, huh?

If you season goose, cook it carefully a long time, it still tastes bad. I might eat it anyway.

Blessings and aloha...

Scott W said...

Hope the interview goes the way you want it to, whichever way that is. At least your hands will be supple and pretty.

Prayers sent up for your sponsor and everyone suffering today.

Anonymous said...

Good luck on the interview. You are blessed to have options in this job market.

AnyEdge said...

I thank GOD that wife got her part time job before being offered the one she just turned down: she'd have been investigating active Child Abuse cases on site. It seems dangerous and scary.

But that is a good thing: people with jobs being offered other jobs probably means that people without jobs will be getting them soon.

The Second Road said...

There were just the right amount of numbers in this post--but you just had to write "SPSS"--ugh. What's next--pivot table?

Sorry, I'm both fascinated and repelled by statistics and I just finished a Grad School course on computer analyzed reporting.

Good Luck on the interview and hand lubrication.!

Findon said...

Hope the interview brings you somthing that you realise you want. You never know. Hope your sponsor recovers as well.