Friday, January 15, 2010

Furlough Day

You know, if you asked me if I wanted to take days off without pay, I would have said "no." Definitely not. But every time I get one of these days off, I sure do enjoy it. It is really nice to have a day off that isn't a holiday.

I guess the word "chillax" was banned this year, but I think I might have "chillax"ed today. Well, aside from watching CNN all day long - which is pretty tough right now. And knitting a wine bag - because I refused to donate a bottle of wine to something I was recruited to donate to... and told I would donate a bottle of wine. I refused. I told them I would donate something to contribute to their wine basket, but it would not be a bottle of wine. They looked at me like I just escaped from Mars. Too bad. I asked a friend what on earth I could donate for a wine basket that wasn't wine, and she suggested I knit a wine bag - it is pretty darn cute. I bought a bottle of sparkling pear juice so that I could fit it. I will donate that too. (I don't even drink fake wine.)

Tomorrow I am running a 5 mile race. It should be a nice day for a run.

I am so grateful for a warm house with an intact roof in the middle of civilization - with things like police and hospitals. Suddenly my couple of financial problems don't seem so big. They seem pretty darn minor. Well, heck, they ARE pretty darn minor.

Life is good. God has been so very good to me.

AA works.


dAAve said...

I think of it as luck.

Good luck with your run. The Houston Marathon is this weekend.

Pam said...

1. I've never heard the word chillax.
2. Yahoo day off. With or without pay.
3. It would be fun to put an AA Pamphlet in a wine the "20 Questions."
4. When someone says I "have to" I can not resist the urge to say "MAKE ME".
5. Yes, pretend drinking sucks.
6. Yahoo - you've got a run to look forward to.
7. I'm grateful for my safe place too...little running raddish.

Lou said...

Run, Mary, run!

Scott W said...

Knit, Mary, knit!

Ed G. said...

I've never heard of the word chillax and I don't like the sound of the word chillax and I don't really even like the definition of the word chillax but, suddenly, I want to use the word chillax all the time (now that it's been banned).

I wish you the best on your run.

Blessings and aloha...

Syd said...

I hope that you have a good run. I don't like being coerced into doing things. I don't extort others and don't want them to extort me.