Monday, January 18, 2010

Tired of Seriousness

This is a wine bag I knitted - to donate to my biblical school. I was told to donate a bottle of wine and I refused - alcohol has caused enough damage in my life and the lives of others, I do not need to contribute one drop into this sea of misery. So I knitted a bag to fit around a bottle and placed a bottle of sparkling pear juice within... I shall donate it tonight. And I hate to be like this, but they better appreciate it. If it were a free-will offering, it would be different, but this is not my idea. The school costs enough that I am considering leaving it - to be asked to donate things on top of that makes me feel that I am in a place for wealthy people who might want to study the bible in their spare time. And that is not me.

This world seems so very grim right now. I can only handle so much. I had intended for this post to be light-hearted but I can see that I am failing at that - dismally.

For my long time readers, did you notice that my trusty table cloth is not present in the photo? That is because it got ruined the last time I had a large gathering at my house. A votive candle got knocked over and the dark green wax is all over the lace and I don't know how to get it out. It also got all over a jute rug under the table but a wonderful young man got down on his hands and knees and picked it all out.

I took a test this afternoon to be a census worker. Do you know that they are called "enumerators?" Cool. I got 100% on the test (and it was really hard!), so I have a feeling I will probably be offered a job. I thought I could do this part-time for a little while in addition to my full-time job. Do you know that many people applying for jobs as census workers cannot follow simple directions such as:
1. show up for the test at 1:40. The latest one showed up at 2:00 and was allowed in.
2. have two forms of ID - some didn't have it and wanted to argue about that.
3. complete the forms correctly the first time - only a small percentage were able to do that.

I am already tired and I have a class until 9 o'clock tonight. I get to go back to work tomorrow! YAY! Four days off is a long time and I am ready for some structure in my life. I get crabby and lazy when left to my own devices.

I am grateful that I am sober today. I am grateful that I have people in my life who will tell me when I am full of crap and way off track. I am grateful that I have a relationship with my higher power that makes huge demands on me. I am grateful to have a moral compass that might be the result of having been raised by parents who taught me those things... I don't know. But I am grateful for it.

And I am grateful for you. xxxooo, mc
update 8:58 p.m.: They LOVED the bottle bag thing and now I feel like a jerk for saying what I did. And we got out of class early! woo hoo!


Hap Joy Free said...

to see your so happy to go back to work is lovely. I rarely see people so happy in their job. You are so special MC.

And I like your bottle warmer and I like your stance on not giving alcohol even more! I am not the alcoholic, but I agree with you 100%. Your integrity rocks!

dAAve said...

I was going to say something about my goal of being happy, joyous and free. Then I saw the above commenter and laughed. Maybe that's because I'm usually pretty happy, joyous and free.

Ed G. said...

I'm with you for shedding some seriousness.

I wish you luck with all your endeavors (table cloth cleaning, enumerating, etc.).

Blessings and aloha...

Pam said...

That turned out so cute! I'm so glad you got some positive feed back, I know how much you love your Bible studies.

Scott said...

hi MC, sorry about that tablecloth... that's a bummer :-)

Scott W said...

I love getting out of stuff early.

Lou said...

I'm feeling crabby, but I'm trying to convice myself that 11:15 am is NOT too late to salvage the day..

Syd said...

I'm glad that they liked it. I'm struggling today to write something too.
For the wax, have you tried club soda? It seems to get just about everything out.

Anonymous said...

I heard if you put a old, white dish cloth over the wax then iron over it, it will lift off the wax from your pretty table cloth and onto the towel. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Stand strong happy joyous and free

Dominic Mary said...

Iron your tablecloth with a hot iron - but put the cloth between sheets of brown paper whilst you do it (if your grocery store still uses paper bags, they're good as long as they're clean - any print should be on the side away from the lace).

You may have to do it several times, using fresh brown paper each time, but it works well.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear that your life has turned out so well.I have a daughter that is a alcohol, and my heart breaks every time she starts up again. Right now she is find praying she will stay that away.

I too wont to take the census test and past. Sooo scare I wont pass it . I know I need to make a good grade to get a job,cause that is who they pick the ones who make a high score. I so need this job. Was it very hard? I am a slow reader and sometime I have reread it several times. Meaning of words also is a big problem. Do you think I have a chance. God bless you with drinking, and working.Thank you, for me and my daughter.