Thursday, July 28, 2011

I'll go to the pool.

I overslept again this morning. I am extremely tired.

I think last week's decision to not train for a marathon is having a negative impact on me. I haven't put in one single mile this week. I wrote my coach yesterday and she encouraged me to hit the pool and do other cardio "equivalents." I will pack my swimming bag today and make every effort to go to the pool at lunch. Which is kind of difficult because after I swim, I have to wash my hair and then do something with it so I look at least presentable this afternoon. But the hair is so long now, that should be relatively easy.

The root beer float thing at work yesterday was really fun. It is nice to see people enjoying themselves. People who usually just look like they are working hard.

Sorry, I don't have one interesting thing to say today. I am tired and pressed for time.

So, I will make every effort to have a wonderfully sober day today, and I hope you do too.


Syd said...

Have a good day. Swimming sounds good.

dAAve said...

... and the beat goes on.

Annette said...

Well actually I liked hearing that you would have to wash your hair and do something with it after you swim. ;o) I have always been so envious of those women who can swim and then just shake their hair and jump back into their clothes and head out for their day. So you and I can suffer with our hair that needs doing together. :o)

Bless you today!

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Aware of the gratitude for this life of sobriety.