Wednesday, July 13, 2011

KT Tape

I am much too old to be training for a marathon. This is killer. I have so much pain. My foot has been trashed since my last marathon in October. I have been to my PCP for x-rays (suspected stress fracture, ruled out), and have been issued a boot to wear at night. I have been to physical therapy. She says I have tarsal flexor tendonitis and gave me a bunch of exercises to do (that don't help). I have been to two chiropractors, one suspects I have a stress fracture of one or two of my metatarsals in conjunction with plantar fasciitis, the other thinks pain in my back is causing me to compensate for that and cause other injuries. She also thinks I have tarsal tunnel syndrome. Who the hell knows? I don't. Yesterday I did a simple six miles and died for the rest of the day. On Saturday I did 12 and was fine.

The obvious answer is "stop training for a marathon." But it doesn't stop hurting when I stop training. I gain weight and have more pain. And I have depression and a host of other problems. So, I will continue to train. And when I get to the 18 to 20 mile days, I may be forced to make a decision.

For now, I am icing regularly - even at my desk at work. I am sleeping with the boot, which does help. And when it gets really bad, I slap on the KT tape. I have no idea why that stuff works, but it does.

You know, the scars of someone calling me a "quitter" have never gone away. I know I do persevere to a fault. But I do also know I am capable of changing plans because I have done so.

But a healthy dose of perseverance does a person good in sobriety. I want to stay sober. So, I persevere in doing what I need to do to stay sober. And I persevere in my relationship with God, always striving for growth, because I am clear that is where my "ability" comes from. I persevere in AA even when I haven't wanted to.

And as a result, I get to live this life. And that is good.


Steve E said...

I also 'persevere'. In everything I do. MY problem is when Pride joins up with perseverance, that becoming for me a marriage NOT made in heaven.

dAAve said...

You'll do what you need to do.
But at some point in your life, you'll have to stop training for a marathon. Then the pace will become a bit slower and you'll adjust. That's what recovery is, eh?

Syd said...

I agree with Dave. Maybe there will be some other exercise that you can do that is less hard on your body but will give you the same feeling of accomplishment and contentment. Listening to our bodies is important. Getting broken down is not a good thing.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

:) Oh boy we are willful sometimes, specially when it comes to outrunning our best. God makes it all possible. So I guess we are willful, and now that we are aware of where that power comes from, it's pretty cool, even when it hurts sometimes.

Thanks for persevering! You are a beacon of light :)

Lou said...

I dunno, MC. Never had those kind of problems. Maybe you'll consider the 1/2 at Acadia. Or they have a 2 or 3 person relay. Get a third person?

Pammie said...

This is the word I've needed - PERSEVERE. Yes! I can work with that! Thank you!
How perfectly "Maryish" that even your bandages of sorts is a stylish vibrant color.
Physical pain vs emotional pain---I understand your drive.

Mary Christine said...

Lou, There is no half at Mount Desert Island, or I would have planned on that in the first place :)

The two person relay is already full.

It is 26.2 or nothing.