Monday, July 25, 2011

Into my 28th Year...

Someone special brought me flowers for my birthday. Knowing that I love the color green, he actually found flowers that were green! How awesome is that!

The best thing about my birthday yesterday? My daughter was in the room. She presented me with a chip. She talked about how much my example has meant to her. She doesn't even remember me before I was sober. Now THAT is sobering!

I got to watch my nine month old granddaughter for the rest of the day. What a blessing it is.

I think if you have ever lost custody of your children, if there was ever a restraining order so that you could not see them, it leaves an indelible scar. So, to be a trusted grandmother is something I never take for granted. The joy of having my tiny granddaughter reach for my hand as she takes her first tentative steps is something I can't really describe. She absolutely trusts me. My son and daughter-in-law trust me to take good care of their precious baby daughter.

The best thing is that I know the trust is well-placed. I am a sober mother and grandmother, and I can be trusted.

I am a sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous and my friends and family can trust that. My employer can trust that I will be at work today and will actually work for my wage. My new fella will, in time - if that time becomes ours - realize he can trust me to be the person I present as.

Life is so different and beautiful today. Imagine starting a Saturday night date by going to church together! And then thinking that watching a baby all day is a wonderful way to celebrate a sober birthday. It is all so good.

So, I think I will stay sober today and I hope you all do too. God will help us do that, if we ask him.


doggielover said...

What a great day and beautiful flowers!!!

Syd said...

Beautiful flowers and a wonderful day. So glad for you and those that you love.

dAAve said...

Those flowers are gorgeous!

Annette said...

I love this MC. Thanks for sharing your precious day with us. A beautiful picture of a redeemed life.

Steve E said...

Living life is good, especially when it is accented with green flowers!

Lou said...

Hmmm..I find myself curious (nosy?!) about that fella.