Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Mr. Potato Head takes a break to eat an icy Otter Pop on a hot afternoon. I took the photo to send to a friend who had given me Mr. PH as a gift... it is a long story.... but I love the photo, even without any context.

I overslept this morning. No morning run this morning. I have to be out of here and to work - pronto! I have a huge day today. And somehow I am getting a new work computer in the middle of this. I am getting another laptop, but I don't have a docking station, keyboard, mouse, and monitor to go with it for now, so I will just have to use the laptop unaided until I can order those things. I have all that paraphernalia now, but it fits a notebook, not a laptop. I told the IT guy yesterday that if the laptop has one of those tiny nubs for a tracker thing, he could just keep the new computer... but it doesn't. It has a mousepad. I have found getting a new computer at work stressful, so I hope I can just chill about this, especially on such a day.

This morning, I am ironing an apron to go with my clothes, because this afternoon I am serving root beer floats. Hospital management will stand outside, serving up these taste sensations, as a fund-raiser. It should be fun. (and yes, I do have more than one apron, several more than one...)

OK, I am pressed for time, and a bit whelmed. But I am grateful to be sober. I am grateful to be gainfully employed. I am grateful to a loving God who has been so so so so good to me.

I hope you all have wonderful sober days today.


Syd said...

Good for you on the new computer. Maybe IT people will set it up for you. I like Mr. PH.

Steve E said...

Sober today...and gratitude is one reason why. I LOVE new computer challenges.

dAAve said...

I don't even know the difference between and notebook and a laptop. I thought they were the same.

Stay whelmed.

Jon said...

I have always been a full PC user and haven't had much experience with laptops, but when I have, I don't like the smaller keyboard. I'm a full-fingered typist from the old days of electric typewriters, so I need the satisfaction of the keys submitting to my fingers. I never feel like I'm really "typing" with a laptop keyboard and my fingers feel cramped.

Yes, I'm an old man in a 43-year-old body. :-)

I hope your day goes well!!

kel said...

I love Mr. PH! Especially his feet!! I also own quite a few aprons! I happen to love the old fashioned feel of them, and I even have holiday themed ones!

Anonymous said...

After a very, VERY, long hiatus, Mr. Potato Head reappeared in our house this weekend. It brought a smile to see yours on your blog. He was a childhood favorite and I couldn't wait to introduce him to my kids. Granted he was banished to the back of the closet for close to a year. But he is now out and breathing once again.

Pammie said...

new computers...uggh
many aprons....OH YEAH!!

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

new computers are almost as disconcerting as new smart phones. They look pretty but the older I get...sheesh! :)

have fun serving root beer floats! YUM!