Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Morning

That's me, sitting in the back of my car, getting ready to stretch after my 16 miles yesterday. My entire legs were crusted with little flecks of dirt and gravel. But I did my 16 miles!!! And on one of our harder routes. (Total climb: 888 feet, total elevation change: 1615 feet)

I came home and ordered a pizza and chilled out. I went to church last night so that I could get to the meeting this morning. There is a sponsee who counts on me to be there on Sunday mornings.

My man friend is in California for the memorial service of his sponsor. He will speak at it. He is a bit terrified and grief stricken. We talked for a while yesterday. I can only offer support. I don't even know what that would feel like. He loved his sponsor the way I love my sponsor. OK, I am crying just writing this.

I got a long e-mail last night from another sponsee who is on a cruise in Norway. It's funny how sometimes "getting away from it all" only makes us think more of what we are trying to escape. I hope she can listen to her sponsor and concentrate on her vacation and not what she left behind. She will deal with that when she needs to, but can't do it from Norway!

My daughters, daughter-in-law and granddaughter are coming over for lunch today. I am grilling hamburgers, doesn't that sound wonderful? OK, I have got to wash my face and brush my hair and get out of here.

I hope you have a beautiful sober Sunday. By the grace of God.


Pammie said...

I want YOUR Sunday.

Lou said...

I liked this. Musing on a blessed life, lived in a present way.

We could not ask for more.

Syd said...

Glad that you got through your miles. Hope that this day is awesome.

shadowlands said...

I like your suntan!!

dAAve said...

Do a burger for me, please. And one for Pammie too.

Ellie said...

Way to go on your run! That running dress has such a cute pattern.

AnyEdge said...

I'm so inspired by you!!