Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday Evening

Those are my aching feet, soaking in the ice cold Boulder Creek - after my 19 miles this morning. I miscalculated my out-and-back and ended up doing a mile more than I intended. And about 5 miles more than I wanted. And it made my mind up for me. Hell no, I am not doing any stinking marathon. I did one, that was enough. (At one point today, I noticed a person in front of me turning around to see what the hell was going on - it was me MOANING. I thought inaudibly. ha!)

I came home and took a cold bath and ate some lunch and then hit the sack. But I couldn't sleep because I am too excited about my plans for tonight. A dinner at a nice restaurant downtown. Do you think my date would mind picking up a rental wheelchair for me on the way? Honestly, I can barely walk. I am drinking coffee and I took some tylenol and I pray between them and my excitement, I will be able to act like a human being tonight. This dinner is to celebrate my AA birthday last week. How sweet!

I had a long chat with my daughter this afternoon. She apologized for inviting my former beau to her graduation yesterday. I told her she had no idea he was going to behave that way. She said she wouldn't invite him to anything I am going to be at. I appreciate that.

It took me many years of sobriety to realize that I don't have to tolerate bad behavior. I can write inventory until I am blue in the face, but the fact remains, he was rude and I have no reason to tolerate it. There are lots and lots of nice people in my life today, there is no need to try to figure out why I don't like being treated badly. Now, if I find that I have a problem with everyone I run into, I better have a look in the mirror. But writing inventory to figure out why I don't accept unacceptable behavior? I have tried it, with very bad results.

Exciting evening ahead, I better get these curlers out of my hair and get ready!

I plan on staying sober for the rest of today, and I hope you do too.


Steve E said...

Wearing curlers on a dinner date. Now THAT could be an inventory opportunity-grin!

Sore feet--and etc. But they helped you to reach a "sensible" decision. I sometimes hate "sensible"...

dAAve said...

If you keep that marthon stuff up, you may need to buy a wheelchair instead of just renting one.

I hope your date goes very well.

Lou said...

Ran a mile over!! A mile is looong way..I hope you had dessert, you deserve it.

Syd said...

Take care and get a foot massage from your date. Good decision to listen to your body.