Thursday, July 21, 2011


It's Thursday morning. I am heading out of here to a 6:30 meeting. I am going to wear a dress to work today that I haven't worn for at least 8 years. I wonder if someone will think I have a new dress on. I usually won't wear clothes that are dated, but I have decided I really don't care today.

I feel pretty "blank" this morning. There is nothing going on. But I have the TV running and sometimes I just scratch my head at this world. It seems like things that shouldn't be problems are huge problems. The first lady needs have an initiative about childhood obesity, apparently we need someone to tell us to eat fruit and vegetables. Can someone tell kids to "go outside and play?" No, there might be "registered sex offenders" outside. So, children sit indoors and "play" with adults and get obese. I read another blog this morning about someone who doesn't feel "comfortable" with someone at an AA meeting. Honestly, what happened to writing some inventory and then trying to get along with someone or telling them to bugger off if you can't get along.

Do we have to live our entire lives in fear that someone might act "inappropriately" or make us "uncomfortable?" Can we just get on with life? Can we stop being victims?

I am grateful I grew up in the world I did. I might have been what we now call "abused," but I learned to stand on my own two feet and not let other people's behavior, or even worse, vague FEAR of maybe someone doing something creepy or vile, control my life.

I hate to think of people who are being encouraged to not go to AA because someone might make them "uncomfortable." Where did these people drink? Have the bars become places where no one will leer at a woman or a man? Are they not capable of telling someone to f*** off? Oh, I know there are bad actors, and I know we get here vulnerable, but should we accept a death sentence (because that is what alcoholism is) instead of dealing with possibly creepy people?

hmmmm, I think I shall go to the meeting in my old dress now. And hopefully I won't be so curmudgeonly there.

Have a nice sober day, God can help us do that!


Syd said...

I grew up in a much different time too. There were no fast food joints, most women were at home, no cell phones, no computers. Today kids would rather text than talk, people don't cook but bring home KFC or other fast food, many households have a single parent, and the array of drugs available is staggering. I see people who are numb to emotions. If they can say that they are uncomfortable about something, then they are beginning to feel. That isn't bad IMO.

dAAve said...

At least you can still fit into that dress. There's a whole lot to be grateful for.

Lou said...

Oh, I could say so much about this post..but it would make a whole lot of people uncomfortable.

harry said...

ouch! you sound cross today! for me the big difference between the drinking me and the sober me is that i no longer am anesthetised by alcohol so it feels as though i am very much more exposed to the world. everything feels quite raw and i feel very vulnerable. i'm only just over a year sober and maybe when i've been around the rooms for longer i'll get tough like you write about, but just at the moment i am a very different woman from the one who used to yell at people who annoyed her. ho hum...