Tuesday, January 03, 2012

On Life's Terms

The site of a beautiful bike ride yesterday

The sight of something I didn't want to see in my rear view mirror this morning.
Yesterday while I was riding my bike in the beautiful winter sun, my phone rang.  I answered it, unlike most normal people who are riding their bikes.  It was a woman from church who asked me if I could come in and substitute for someone at 4 a.m. this morning.  Of course, I said I could.

While I was driving there, I was shocked!  Shocked! to see a police car pull out behind me with lights spinning.  I pulled over and fully expected the policeman to apologize and say he was in error turning on all those jarring lights!  Instead, he told me I was driving 59 mph in a 35 mile zone.  I said "35?" Seriously?  I have driven down this road nearly every day for 10 years, I thought the speed limit was 55.  He said it was 55 further down the road, but not where I was, it was 35 there .  This will cost me $195. and I am not sure how many points... he told me it was 8, but if I mailed in my payment, it would be 4.  But the back of the ticket said if you mail it in, it is reduced by 2 points - not 4.  It also made me 10 minutes late to church... with a woman sitting waiting for me so she could go home.

I drove away saying "It's only money."  It is only money.  It is only money.  But right now, I don't have $195 laying around.  Just like I don't have the $4,000 I need for dental work.  I know some of you make so much money you have to find ways to throw it away, but my situation seems to be getting more dire every day.  It is taking more and more work to keep away the fear of financial insecurity.

Trust and reliance upon God is my only answer.  Well, and some severe belt tightening... when it feels like it is as tight as it can get now.  I can put forward my best effort and know that I can do no more than that.

And let me state the obvious... when you are sober, you can look at those lights in the mirror and know that it is a pain in the wallet, but know you are not getting cuffed and taken away.  And that is a good thing.  The officer asked me if there was a reason I was going so fast, and I was able to say, at 3:49 a.m., that I needed to get to church by 4:00 a.m.  Well, that and the fact that I thought the speed limit was 55, not 35.

I will get myself dressed for work, look as nice as I can, and put in a good day's work for a relatively good day's pay.  I will try to be an asset to my workplace and to be of service to those God puts in my life today.   That's all I know how to do.

I will likely stay sober again today and I hope you do too.


Lou said...

I'm shocked too. But I know you don't need my tirade about local governments revenue maker in the "new economy". In my town, people now get speeding tickets the likes of which I have never seen in the last 25 years.

You will find a way, because you do not rely on luck or hand outs. Your provider does not waver.

PS You are looking very nice today, I'm sure of it!

Syd said...

My thoughts are go to court and ask for a reduction, stating your case. In most places the fine and the points are reduced substantially. I am sorry about this. I really pay attention to speed limits but on the way to Florida I know that cars were going around 90 and not a cop in sight. I was doing 75 which was 5 miles over. I got my first ticket last year for going 44 in a 35 mph zone. It was my first one ever. I was asked the same thing as you about why was I going that speed. I said that I had just come from the hospital and was thinking about my FIL and failed to notice the speed limit change. He was courteous and told me to go to court for a reduction.

Kary May said...

I'm sorry but your post made me chuckle. I'm sure the policeman doesn't hear that excuse at 4 am very often. I hope he feels a little bit ashamed. At least you relieved his boredom. I pray God lets you in on his plans for your financial future very soon. Keep doing what you're doing, I'm sure God knows you deserve a raise.

Willa said...

Mary Christine, perhaps traffic school to keep it off your record and insurance?

Grace-WorkinProgress said...

You should have mentioned you were on your way to church.

drybottomgirl said...

I've had those lovely tickets before. When I went back to college and was trying to find the campus day care, I was pulled over for doing 35 in a 25, and the officer had zero sympathy for the fact that I was lost, putting my son in daycare for the first time, and starting back to school at 27! Oh well, like you said its just a pain in the wallet. I loved how you focused on the positive, and said you would stay sober today. Thanks for being a great example :)

Pammie said...

I don't know what points are.
And girl....I haven't been this broke in 10 years so I hear ya.
I wonder why the nice policeman did not give you a warning. Did you show your fabulous legs????

Carol said...

I'd have let you go but I'm easy like that!

Annette said...

I got two speeding tickets this last year, totaling about 900.00, which we certainly don't have laying around either. One I fully deserved. I was late to work.....to take care of someone who was dying I might add. ;o) Another I was on an unfamiliar hwy in S. Ca. and I thought the speed limit was 65 on all hwys in Ca. I was wrong. It was 55 and I was going 73. I guess technically I was truly at fault there too. I had to just pay up. I did traffic school for one so only got 1 point for one of the tickets. Do you have traffic school in Co? I like Syd's idea.....go to court and appeal it. I'm sorry....but glad that so many other things are good in your life. Nice gentleman friend, cute clothes, great job prospect, good health....it will all work out.

Elizabeth said...

I had a very similar incident happen to me on the way to a job interview. I was so broke at the time that I pulled over and bawled my eyes out and didn't go to the interview. You handled yourself with far more grace! You continue to inspire me.

I hope you can get the reduction Syd suggested.

April said...

This sounds exactly like what happened to me about 2 months ago. I had NEVER gotten a ticket until a couple of months ago. All the years of driving drunk, speeding, etc., no ticket. THen one day on the way home from a meeting at noon, BAM! I got a ticket for doing 60 in a 45. I was like you - "Wait? What? I drive this road every day! Isn't the speed limit 55???" Alas. It was not. Funny how things work out sometimes huh? God will get you through it.

Mary LA said...

Sounds like a scam to me -- is there no place to protest and appeal this? But as you say, no guilt or shame as in the drinking days and a sober morning ahead.