Thursday, January 05, 2012

The Versatile Blogger


Lou over at Subdural Flow II, was kind enough to give me the Versatile Blogger Award (wow, and I had no idea that one word in her blog name is misspelled).  I'm probably not very versatile, since my blog is only about my journey as a sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous. But I am a pretty versatile person... I am supposed to award 3 other bloggers and then list 7 things about myself.  They, in turn, are supposed to write 7 things about themselves on their blogs and tag three other people.  I will chose three, knowing that at least one of them will likely not participate - that is OK.  I just want to acknowledge a couple of people for their consistency.  Pammie at Sobriety is Exhausting, and Dave and Higher Powered.  I read them both every single morning and love them both.  And then there is Scott at Sober Nuggets, he's been blogging for a long time, but takes a break from time to time.

Here are the things about me:

  • Most people who know me describe me as very "funny."  That doesn't seem to come across here.  Maybe most of my "funniness" is in body language, my voice, a laugh, a facial expression.
  • I wanted to be a nun until I had my first drink.
  • My life seems to have turned out "ironic," what I love most of all is homemaking, but need to work to make a living.  Most homemakers don't even homemake like I do.  
  • I realized this "irony" in my early 40s, and quickly got an education (0 to Master's in 7 years) so that I might actually have a career rather than a job.
  • I loved to run (but seem to be too injured for it now).  I started when I was in my 20s, and stopped in my 40s.  I started again at 52, when my heart was broken by a 6'5" cowboy who started drinking again. 
  • I started running long distances when my son was in Iraq for the first time and, like Forest Gump, I just kept running and running.  I ran my first half-marathon at 55, and my first marathon at 58.  
  • I am grateful to be sober.  I believe my sobriety is a gift from God.  My small amount of "work" to maintain it, is just a way of cooperating with God's gift.  
That's it.  It's not much, but it is all I have this evening.  

Thanks Lou.  I appreciate the award.  


Syd said...

I need to do mine. Maybe tomorrow. I know that I have done this before a few times Maybe I will come up with something new.

You are indeed versatile!

Lou said...

What's misspelled?

I'm in awe of homemaking, and I did the Forest Gump too.

dAAve said...

It's cool that I already know those thins about you. And you are VERY funny (me thinques).

The term "versatile" has a somewhat different meaning in gay circles.

I will do this task, either on Sunday or Monday.

Mary LA said...

I think you are very funny at times. I also wanted to be a nun before I realised I was an alcoholic!

ScottF said...

Thanks for thinking of me MC :-) I'll do it! I think it is really kool that I know these things about you from visiting with you here on your blog over the years.