Wednesday, January 25, 2006

60 degrees

I will write what is good:
It is supposed to get into the 60s this afternoon.
The sun is shining now.
I love Diet Pepsi and have a freshly cracked open 20 oz. bottle in front of me.
I am going out for Vietnamese for lunch today.
I love Vietnamese food.
I have a nice friend I am dining with at lunch today.
My daughter is on her way to visit me at my office.
I love my daughter and I am so grateful for such a wonderful young woman in my life.
I am going to write a newletter today and I really like doing that.
Another friend at work gave me a small bottle of Clinique "happy to be" today.
I collect small bottles of perfume and cologne and they make me smile :)
I got a new sports bra yesterday - it is pink and it was great when I ran today.
I can run again.
I am sober and have been for 21 years, six months, and one day.

Thank you God.


sincerelysober said...

Congratualtions on 21 years, six months, and a day! Today will be my first sober Birthday since I was a teenager. I'm 42.

Without Wax,
An honest, live, interactive self-portrayal of one man's quest of recovery.

Joaquim Amândio Santos said...

congratulations from a portuguese sober since i was born. i sincerely admire your strength and will. mat God always be in your paths!

Sam said...

I hope you're recovering well from your rough Tuesday.

So long in recovery, still human, using your tools... You are inspiring.

dAAve said...

sports bra today.
HNT tomorrow.



I'm with dAAve again on this sports bra...HNT....I'll be waiting for the
I see you,

Erik Mann said...

great topic, keep up the great posts, MMA