Friday, January 13, 2006

Four Day Weekend

It is the First Day of a Four Day Weekend for me. I had to Capitalize those words because I am so happy that I am getting four days off. The last day off I had was December 31 - and then before that - I took Christmas off, and other than that, I have been working every single day.

Maybe by later today I will think of something interesting to post. For now, my mind feels so free - four days ahead of me with no plan at all. I will watch the Broncos v. Patriots game tomorrow night. I will see if my kids are available to come over on a Saturday night, but they may be busy.

I may go see Memoirs of a Geisha later today. I read the book several years ago and really liked it.

I think I will go take a run now.


Trudging said...

Have lots and lots of fun!!

dAAve said...

.. r
.... e
...... e
........ d
.......... o
............ m !