Friday, January 27, 2006

Friday Morning

I believe I am not going to work today. I had a headache yesterday and I still have it today. I have felt like I am coming down with something for a couple of weeks, but have been sucessful at fighting it. Or maybe I am just too tired and that is why I don't feel particularly well. I just checked my PDA to make sure I don't have any appointments I have forgotten about. I don't. *I have found that it is very difficult for many recovering alcoholics to call in sick to work. It is for me. I hate to call. I can be at death's door, but I feel like I am lying when I am dialing the phone. This is because of my history of being drunk or hung over and calling work and making up some b.s. that I think they will believe.

Yesterday I checked the website for the August triathlon I am so looking forward to. When I saw that registration is open, I cried from joy! This has felt like the longest winter of my life, and just having something to look forward to is wonderful. I set a picture of the race from last year as my desktop at work. It is a photo of the sun coming up over the swim finish line. Both of my twin daughters say they will do the race with me this year. One of them did it last year. The other one came to watch and decided she wants to do it too. This is very exciting. I am so grateful that I can do this and that my daughters can do it with me.

I am also grateful that I didn't write a book full of lies that has me in disgrace... with millions of dollars as a consolation prize.


dAAve said...

That's GREAT that your daughters will be joining (teaming?) up with you.


I hope you are not getting sick. My daughter and I are just getting better. The doctors still have no clue what it is but all I know is we were both miserable. And I agree about the calling in sick thing. It's the guilt of banging in sick everytime I had a hangover which was all the time.
I see you,