Thursday, January 19, 2006

Home Group in the snow

We must have gotten 8 inches of snow today. It is still snowing. The roads are a disaster. My home group is only a mile from my house, so I ventured out. I am so glad I did.

There were only 8 people there. It was such a good meeting. We talked about going to any length to stay sober.

I have been awake since 1:00 a.m., if I had more energy, I would take pictures. It is so pretty. I left a string of Christmas lights on my front porch and have them lit up tonight. They look wonderful.

More tomorrow. And Thanks so much for embracing me into this sober blogging community. It is really a wonderful thing. I am blown away by the creativity of the HNT posts.


Trudging said...

No thank you for being a part of our little group.

Sam said...

I like the little snow day meetings. In my early recovery, we had an ice storm (as is our usual winter weather here). I went to the clubhouse for a meeting and was the only one there. I went on and made coffee and got out the meeting tools. I sat down and started reading (to myself) the tools and someone drove up. There were only two of us for that meeting and it was a great meeting.

I drove through ice and snow many many times to get liquor. Anything I did to get a drink I will do to get to a meeting. It's working for me.

dAAve said...

what is this thing called snow?

oh, you talkin' about my hair?


Yes take pictures. I love pictures...they are memories. And I love to see the world through someone else's eyes.
Please keep the snow in Colorado.
And there were a couple times were I ventured out in some snow storms to go to meetings and they turned out to be the best because the people there REALLY needed to be there and well shit they were just great.
You sound wonderful today!
I see you and your snow too,