Saturday, January 21, 2006

saturday morning meeting

I went to a meeeting this morning and then to the gym. I found out one of our members is in ICU and will most likely not leave there. Barbara has lung cancer. A bunch of us women stood around and cried and hugged each other after the meeting. I am astounded by the courage of sober women. She has suited up and shown up for a while. Without hair. With scarves and hats and wigs and sick as shit. God Bless Her. We not only teach each other how to live, we also teach each other how to die.

I made a page of 88 or more things about me last night. If you have a second, go have a look.


Shannon said...

I will pray for her. A wonderful lady in our home group she has been sober 23 or 24 years, and has been battleing with cancer for 3+ years, she has actually had it beat twice... she is an amazing woman,

I did get your comment about the RHIA. I dont know what that stands for, I have seen it advertised for jobs and talked about,

dAAve said...

We recently lost a 20+ year member to breast cancer. She passed with nothing but Grace, Dignity and Class to the end.
If only we were all good students.