Friday, January 13, 2006


My friend Ron just called. He is in the hospital, and will be undergoing surgery tomorrow. He has been plagued with health problems over the last several years. His most recent problem is a broken hip, which is what the surgery is about.

Ron asked me to be at his 33rd AA anniversary on February 2. I wouldn't miss it for anything. Apparently, the guys told him he WILL be there, even if they have to carry him up the stairs. I hope he is able to get up there on his own.

Ron is the most grateful person I have ever known. No matter what is going on, he has always just been legitimately grateful. Not in the phoney, pumping sunshine up your ass way, but in his own very very gruff way.

Ron is from some baltic, formerly soviet nation. I am ashamed to say that I can't remember which one at the moment. He has a THICK accent. So, he says "I am so FOCKING grateful for thees Program!" then he will go on to say that this "Gottamm program saved my life" etc. He is beautiful! He is sometimes known as "cussing Ron". I just call him Grateful Ron.

I told him I would pray for him. I am really worried about him. When we hung up, he said "I luff you dahling." I LOVE HIM TOO.

If you can, please say a prayer, or think white thoughts, or whatever you do... for Ron. He is one of the most shining examples of this program in action I have ever had the privilege to know.


dAAve said...

Very sweet.
I hope he can make it for his birthday. If not, you guys may need to take it to him.

Mary Christine said...

I talked to Ron tonight (Sunday), he is sitting up in a chair. Sounds really groggy, but I am just so glad he made it through the surgery.