Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Ominous Cloud

I just spoke with my drunken former boyfriend on the phone. Then I looked out the window and saw that dark, dark, cloud outside. It seemed so appropriate.

He was crying. He said the worst thing that could happen had just happened. Well, in my world, the worst thing that could happen would be that a loved one died. I got so scared as I listened to him sob. I thought that it must be one of his kids... his dad is so old that I couldn't imagine him carrying on so.

Then he told me that he can't live in the house that he just bought because of his DUI convictions. Apparently the community association has rules - or something - that prohibits a convicted felon from living there.

Well, a kind person might have commiserated with him. A kind person might have sympathized. But he didn't call a kind person, he called me. And when he asked me what I would do I told him what I wouldn't do. "I wouldn't get fucking drunk and cry like a baby." And I went on to tell him that he scared the crap out of me - I thought someone died.

He hung up on me. Thank God.


Shannon said...

well I just love that! You may of woke him up! sounds like he needs to be...

Sarah E. Mason said...

I love that too. I still live with a drunken ex-boyfriend so this was dangerously close to home.

I stumbled on your site because of the kind comments you left on mine--thank you for that. I would never assume anyone to be a wack case, especially given the stigma we Bulimics deal with as wack cases ourselves.

I'm glad he hung up on you.

Thanks again for your post on my site.

Sarah Mason



Trudging said...

Maybe this will be the wake up call he needs.


Hey I posted some Ominous Clouds in my photo blog..lol.
I see you,

Sam said...

Wow. I didn't know such repercussions were out there...

Hope your head is OK today.

dAAve said...

Sounds like a good comeback to me.