Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tuesday AM

"...the wrong-doing of others, fancied or real, had power to actually kill."

Not them. Me.

I sat on my sofa last night and just cried. My cat was nuzzling on my ears, my hair, my face - she had never seen me like this before.

Thank God for Alcoholics Anonymous. Thank God for the fellowship, and the program, and the way of life that will not allow me to stay in resentment. Also, thank God for my fellows at work. I have some very good friends there. I have an ongoing problem with one of my co-workers and it really flared up yesterday. I usually look at her as a thorn in my side that makes me stay vigilant in my program, my prayer life, and my constant guarding against having resentment. Yesterday that all flew out the window.

God Please Be With Me Today. "Grant me strength, as I go out from here, to do your bidding."


Trudging said...

Yes, thank God for the program.

AAwoken said...

Resentments. Best thing I ever read on resentment talked about getting out of your head and refreming the issue this way. Know that the person you resent has people that love him/her and believe that he/she is a very nice person. Then ou know that the resentment is all in your head and pfffft (sound of silent fart). It goes away. Anyway, it worked for me. Then pray for them to have everything you want and more. THis is unbearably hard but also works as promised in the BB.

dAAve said...

I believe that awareness must come before acceptance. You're there.

Please have no resentment towards aawoken when he farts a comment in your direction. He has kids, ya know.

Shannon said...

HE will because God could and would if he were sought.... I pray you have a smooth day

lash505 said...

The god thing fills the hole pretty good.

Shannon said...

I love this post. I re read it and read the fancied or real has the power to kill.. and yes ourselves how true and powerful