Sunday, January 01, 2006

A new year

I need to go here. What do you think? Mexico? I have never taken a winter beach vacation, but I need one. I need it to not cost $50,000,000. Does anyone have any ideas?

I worked today. I got so much done. There was not one other person on the second floor. Just me. I cranked up the music, and sang along and really got a lot of work done. But I would rather have been on a beach somewhere.

I started out my new year this morning in an AA meeting. It was good to be there. It is good to be sober.


dAAve said...

I have several suggestions ...

Triniada & Tobago (Tobago is the tourist island, Trinidad is more industrial)

Costa Rica


Google them and see what you can come up with.

dAAve said...

by the way - (humor me on this)

On your link to my blog, please remove the "www" in the address.
I'm testing something out.

it should just read like this ...

Mary Christine said...

It is done. I don't know why I had 'www' on yours, none of the others had it. hmmm.

AAwoken said...

You can go to Culebra, Puerto Rico. Very small, relatively easy to get to and one of the best beaches in the world (Flamenco Beach). You can Google it. I know a lot of the islands, so if you want I can come up with some ideas for ya.

Anonymous said...

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